My gf has no shame...

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  1. Went to dinner with a group of gfs and 2 of them were carrying fake LV's. Only one of them was claiming it was the real deal. Obvious fake! She went on to tell me that she went to NYC and was in Chinatown for two days, whats in Chinatown? Anyway, she was carrying the ivory epi montaigne GM-- bowling bag.... the leather looked cheap and flemsy and she sat against her bag the whole was smooshed and the funny thing was we all sat in a boothe with plenty of room where there was no reason for her to treat her bag that way. I think she didn't want me to get a close up of it. I wanted to call her out on it, but refrained. Me & another gf were carrying our real lv and were babying ours! I'm sure everyone knows of atleast one person who carries fakes and tries to pass them as authentics?
  2. I think she would have gotten more respect if she had come right out and admit that it is fake.
  3. what's the point of having a fake and pretending it's real? it's sort of like some people denying having had palstic surgery. i don't get it :shrugs:
  4. if you carry a fake, admit it! it's horrible enough that one can't get the real one, much more if you claim it to be. i used to own fake LV and some people think it's real. they'll come up to me and praise the bag. and i told them it's fake. at least i my conscience is clean.

  5. Good for you!
  6. You should own up to the choices you make - people will respect you for it even if they don't agree. And lying is not cool!
  7. Yeah, that happened to me before. I have a gf who told me her Mahina XL in gris was authentic and that her mom got it for her on her bday. She even said she wanted the Mahina L but they were all sold out and she would have to be on a waitlist, which wasn't true. I examined the bag carefully and although this was a high-end replica, you can tell the leather looks cheap and holds its shape, when real Mahina leather falls down naturally due to gravity. The front lock was even a little shifted to one side.
  8. I agree with others posts, at least come clean about it!! I can't even lie about my pre-loved lvs, I tell ppl mine wasn't bought brandnew all the time. I hate liars!
  9. If you can't afford it, don't carry it! There are plenty of beautiful bags for much less, I really don't understand why people will buy fakes and then pretend. A sign of insecurities I guess :/
  10. If you're her friend, I think friends can chide each other by calling their bluff... could be she was upfront about purchasing a replica in NYC's Chinatown, since it's well know that NYC's Chinatown is replica central. BTW LV Soho the genuine boutique is just one or two neighborhoods from Chinatown, she could have walked over for the real thing!
  11. people always tell these crappy stories about how they got their "authentic" lv.... ex: my mom bought it from nyc, my mom bought it idk where she got it..... O.O they're very vague and yet they INSIST that it's "the real deal." another thing i don't understand is that people spend hundreds of dollars... FOR A FAKE! that's a waste. go buy yourself a decent bag if you're going to spend a heck lot of money.
  12. so funny,,, lol.. poor girl
  13. Exactly. I don't wear fake bags, but I do wear CZ studs in my ears sometimes. When I get compliments on them, I thank the person and tell them that they are costume.
  14. I wouldn't worry about not calling her out on it. Judging by how she tried to hide the bag, she probably felt bad enough on her own that she was carrying a fake and you had the real deal. She knew she was being dishonest...and that can't feel good.
  15. I go to a southside school so i see fakes everywhere! I never call people out on them unless i don't like that person. If its a friend and they give me a speech of how its real and their mother got it for them at a private auction in california(lmfao) then i just simply don't say anything or compliment it. If they ask me though if its real i will gladly tell them since everyone knows that when it comes to fake bags i have eyes like a vulture! lol