My Gerard Darel was just delivered!

  1. I just got my GD bag today! We saw how pretty glily's bag is, but I wanted to share pics of mine, too. glily, I totally copied you!:biggrin: The leather is so buttery soft and silky! The color is a medium brown color. Kind of in between dark chocolate brown and the lighter brown (camel?) I just love it!
  2. Beautiful! I love that milk chocolately light brown color.
    If you don't mind, how much was it? I'm trying to decide if i want to get the regular charlotte (in tan) or this chain strap one...
  3. Wow, congrats Annabelle, it is very lovely on you! I love the feeling of a new bag, don't you? I got a new one today as well, and am on a total high. :smile:
  4. Congratulations. These are great bags and I know you will enjoy it. I love mine.
  5. Yay!! I succumbed to the peer pressure and just ordered a black one from BG today!
  6. ameka, This was $475 from BG...I also ordered the regular strap one in white which is on it's way..(bad me!)

    Thanks for the compliments, ladies:biggrin:
  7. You will love it! It's the softest leather! Post pics when you get it!
  8. It's gorgeous!! Congratulations! I love the chain strap with it too.. very cute :amuse:
  9. Yes, it's amazing how a new handbag can brighten one's day! What bag did you get today?
  10. It's lovely! The color is so rich and it looks great on you! I carried my new camel regular GD bag today... the smell of the leather was so glorious! Such nice bags for the price point!!
  11. yay!! Congrats!! It sure is beautiful!!! :biggrin:
  12. Wow, really nice!!
  13. ^^You'll LOVE the white one - it's the perfect summer bag!
  14. really nice! are the chains heavy?
  15. I got a Givenchy tote (from eBay, but it's new to me). I *love* it. :amuse: