My Gerard Darel Charlotte arrived today!

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  1. It's very beautiful. The only thing is the straps are shorter than expected. Is this suppose to be handheld only? And do we think this bag can count as "classic" looking?

  2. How exciting!! Where did you order it from?
  3. I have a GD in caramel, and I love it. What color did you get? I carry it as a shoulder bag.
    Gerard Darel.JPG
  4. I got the black.

    By the way, how do you attach a picture? When I used the "insert image" icon, I don't know what's the URL for the picture that is on my desktop (I'm hopeless when it comes to computers)

  5. When you write a message, scroll down and you will see "manage attachments." Click on it, and you can upload your photos.
  6. Congrats! IMHO the GD bag can be considered classic - I hope so anyway, it's gorgeous to look at :biggrin:
  7. Definitely a classic!
  8. I have the GD in caramel too and also carry it as a shoulder bag. I love mine!
  9. I got this from Bergdorf. I think I will end up keeping this and forgoing getting an Andrea Brueckner bag in black.
  10. Congrats from a fellow GD owner. I have the chocolate with chains and just love it!
  11. Yay to your new bag! I recently bought a periwinkle blue one myself :smile:
  12. These bags are GORGEOUS!! :nuts: What other colors are available in the Charlotte?
  13. Congrats. Love my GD's!
  14. For you ladies who own this, what do you use to waterproof it?
  15. Garde rain and stain repellent spray from Apple Brand.
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