My Gerard Darel came today! *pics*

  1. I love this bag! It’s lightweight and the leather is really soft and slouchy. I was worried that the shoulder straps wouldn’t be long enough but they fit over my shoulder easily, even with a heavy coat. It’s bigger than I thought it would be, about the same size as my baby cabas. It even fits my textbooks so I can use it for class. My only complaint is that I wish there were more interior pockets (there’s only one).

  2. ^^^ so pretty! Beautiful bag. Enjoy!
  3. I love Gerard Darel, and this is a great bag!
  4. Awesome bag, Erica - congrats!!! Is it the 24 size, or bigger?
  5. Thanks redney! It's the 24 (I think)
  6. I thought so too! I didn't realize the 24 was nearly as big as a Baby Cabas! Thanks for the comparison pics.

    The leather looks divine! Hope you enjoy it and congrats again! :heart:
  7. I love this bag! Erica, where did you find yours?
  8. I have this exact same bag, in black too, and it is my "go to" bag. I always feel so cool and French with it! Another great tip: It is so light and packs so well, that you can smoosh it into your suitcase when you travel. I always travel with a big tote, and then pull out my 24-Heures to use when I arrive.
    Enjoy to the max!
  9. Beautiful. So simple and classic. Congrats!
  10. That's stunning. Can you post some modeling pictures?
  11. Congrats :tup:
  12. I love this bag as is my "go to" bag also!
    The leather just gets softer and softer, and I love being in the handbag dept at Nordie's and the salesperson keeps looking and looking.....she just can't figure it out......:graucho:
  13. Congratulations! This is such a great bag. I'm thinking about getting one too.
  14. Erica, congrats on your new gorgeous bag! I'm on the hunt for a black bag. I was considering this one but was unsure you could wear it over your shoulder with a winter coat on. But now you confirmed you can so.....

    My next question is- where did you get it?

    Thanks so much!
  15. I bought it from bagshop: