My Gauffre Satchel ~ With Hermes Charm?

  1. OK... so I removed the address tag thingy, 'coz NO WAY is my name and address going on my bag and i can't figure out what else to do with it...

    So I've been hunting for a while anyway -- for a brass-gold tone sort of key chain type thing to maybe hang some other charms from. Did you know it's nearly impossible to find a brass or gold tone key holder thingy -- not the round split ring -- I wanted something that won't scratch the hardware on my bags. FINALLY, I found exactly what I've been looking for at Nordstrom -- except it had these ugly ceramic white mushroom hanging from it which were very simple to remove and replace with my own charms.

    So here it is, my Gauffre satchel with my Hermes cadena dangling from it on the new brass key thingy. What do you think? Too much? I think it's cute! Not that the Gauffres need anything; they just don't!

    OK, whatta ya think??


  2. Looks great, Minette! :yes: I love the bag, it's gorgeous.

    I am also thinking of putting an Hermes charm on my white hobo, but the super cute keychains that are fruits or animals :nuts:
  3. I think it looks great!
    That Gauffre looks so yummy and the H just makes it all the better!
  4. I think it looks great too! Even moreso since the gold hardware matches each other :} or appears so in the pic
  5. wow, the hardware matches perfectly! i love it
  6. It's cute.
    I love your bag, it's just gorgeous.
  7. Thanks everyone! OK, so I'll keep the charm thing going! :smile:
  8. I love the way it looks! Anything looks great with Hermes!
  9. looks so cute. :yes:
  10. Minnette it's perfect!!!! The hardware matches perfectly and it's 'just enough'.....I love personalizing my bags...Find me a silver one K?!?!?
  11. Ha! Thanks Emmy! There's plenty of silver-tone stuff to go around -- everywhere! I even saw them in the hardware store!