My Gap Boys

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  1. Here is a new pic of Stitch and Zero with there new GAP polo tops


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  2. awww Kimmy I love it!! Stitch and Zero are both SOO cute and I love their collars! btw, what does P stand for?
  3. Hi
    Thanks Mello , I went to Crufts here in the UK a couple of weeeks ago and got the boys matching collars - they actually have they names on them with little diamonte letters - The P stands for Pucci petwear - the shop we got them from
  4. OH Kimmy!! Your kids are :love::love:! So adorable and too cute for words! My aren't they trendy, fashionable boys:biggrin:!
  5. Here is another pic

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  6. They're so photogenic:smile: And they're so good to sit there for you while you take their picture:smile:. My furkids have ants in their pants, can't stay still for even a sec especially if the two or all three of them are in the same room:lol:.
  7. LOL its called treats LOL

    I would love to see a pic :smile:
  8. I tried the treats, hehe. But only one is into treats, the other 2 are more interested in messin around!:lol:

    I'm on a new PC and I had lots of pics of the kids in my old one, which is in the shed. But I did d/l a few from my camera phone recently, so pls forgive the bleh quality. Here's one that shows them at what they do best, much to my dismay, lol!
  9. awww how cute they are! my little girl isn't good at looking at the camera. she has a short attention span!
  10. So so cute!

  11. awww look at those little bums LOL - they obviously like to dig LOL Very cute :love:
  12. cute. I love little Chis'
  13. OMG my voice went so high pitched cos they are soooo cute!:love:
  14. awwwwwwww thanks all, I will be sure to pass the nice comments onto the boys :smile:
  15. awww they're soooo adorable!!