My Gallery Satchel has arrived!

  1. Ladies, may I introduce my newest baby :yahoo:


    Sorry its just the one photo, I was heading out at the time. Maybe I'll post more pictures later. It smells just like the COACH boutique LOL I've been sniffing the leather all day too :shame:

    Anyways! I'm so happy! She actually got here on MONDAY (a day early), but I just now got a chance to take a picture. I have been pining over this bag for so long and now shes mine!

    Thanks everyone for being excited with me and all the kind words :heart:3
  2. Did I mention how huge this bag is? Big but not too big, I love it!
  3. AWWW YAY!! :yahoo: :party: It is gorgeous, I'm glad it finally came!
  4. Congrats! I'm so happy you finally got it!
  5. i love it!
  6. Congrats! It looks like an amazing bag. :yes:
  7. Congrats! I love this bag too! Enjoy!
  8. hoorrayyy! come celebrate at the club!

  9. Congratulations!!!
  10. :yahoo: :heart: :love: :upsidedown: :lol:

    Gorgeous, LOL! I'm really happy for you!​
  11. EEEK! THATS AWESOME! get on out there and show off that new bag! its gorgeous!! glad you finally have it safe and sound on your arm!!!:yahoo: :love:
  12. It's gorgeous!! I'm glad it got to you so quickly.

    Congrats V!!
  13. I'm glad you finally have the bag you have searched high and low for! It makes having all that more special:graucho:

    It looks great!
  14. You finally got her!! YAY!! Congrats!!
  15. I Am So Excited For You!!!