My Galleria GM

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  1. Love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. a couple more pics....enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. It looks great on you. BTW (if you don't mind me asking) how tall are you? Just wondering if us short gals can pull off the GM.
  4. It looks great on you!!! Makes me wish time was getting closer to get mine.
  5. ohhhhhhhhhhh no..................... the height and weight question.............................I am 5'6 1/2...I just had kids recently and have about 15 lbs to lose......I use to be a skinny mini...working in it....:smile:
  6. Thanks for answering about the height. I am 5'2" and have been wondering if I could pull off the GM - I have been fixated on the PM for a while but now I am starting to wonder about the GM. BTW no need to worry about you weight. You already look like a skinny mini with the 15 lbs.
  7. the gm looks great on you.

    i find that it slouches quite a bit once your things are in it hence making it looks less large. i love mine!
  8. You can pull this one off for is slouchy and LH is so structured it looks bigger in photos...this bag moulds to the body and is unstructured...if Ashley T.. who is so petite can pull it off the average person can too!!! Go for it you will love it!!!!!GL
  9. Do you have the GM or PM? Mine is empty in the pics...Love the suits me is a great bag...I would get the pm but, I have the tulum pm for a smaller hobo....p.s. love your pug :smile:
  10. Wow! That looks great on you! I don't think I'd be able to pull it off myself though... is it heavy???
  11. The GM looks fab on you! Enjoy!
  12. Man.....I really wish I would have gotten the GM instead of the PM...oh well, it's a great bag no matter what size....I'll just keep telling myself that! LOL

    Congrats on your fabulous bag! :smile:
  13. It looks great on you. Congratz!
  14. It is so light...I am loving this bag...I had many concerns reading the threads about the GM being huge...I was expecting a monster...when I got it I was thrilled that it was not a huge was the size that I wanted....
  15. THe pm looks gorgeous too..I have the tulum pm so I wanted a bigger with the kids I thought it would be much more tulum pm is rather small...just the essentials....thank you...