My Galleira will get here TODAY!!!!

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  1. I Love ELUX- I ordered the Galleira PM yesterday around 1230 pm and it is expected to get here today!!!:yahoo:

    I have Gold stATUS(there really are no benefits, just priorty shipping) but chose not to use it because regular Fed ex delivers on saturday.
    I can't wait!!
    I'm curious, Can anyone tell me where their bags are being manufactured?

    I am hoping I love her, I recently purchased the Monty Gm and really didn't need another bag let alone a monogram one but I absoultely love these two bags style and shape. They are my first two monograms in years.
    I think the Galleira is very boho, very casual but the plaque and gold hardware jazz it up and actually makes it very rich looking. I don't own another hobo bag so I am soooooo excited.

    I adore the Monty, simple but classic, I love how you can use as shoulder and arm held as well.
  2. I agree, love both of these bags! If I could purchase one now it would definitely be the monty. The Galliera is a really nice style and I love that it has a hobo look, but it's bigger than I used to carrying. It really is beautiful. Congrats and post pics when she comes in!
  3. MY PM is made in France.
  4. Please post pics when your Galliera arrives! YAY!
  5. Da...n!!!!!! I called Fed EX and there has been a disruption in traveling-weather or something!:cursing:
    Now I'm on needles and pins til tuesday.
    Oh well, I get to use my Monty gm while waiting ha, ha
  6. Oh, congrats!!!! I hope you love it as much as I love mine. My PM was made in France. Congrats again!!!!!!!!

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  7. I can't wait to see pictures!!!
  8. Congrats...I hope she arrives soon! Galliera PM was made in France.