My Galet City arrived!

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  1. Oh my! She is beautiful. We're Galet City twins - yaay.

    Love the leather on your bag. :tup:

    btw - I've had mine for a week now and it is just starting to break in nicely.
  2. lovely!
  3. i just got my galet too! :love:
  4. OMG where did you find that? I think the leather is much thicker than mine!!
  5. So I'm wondering how you got that through Bal online and think...I want one!!!! then I realize this post was 2009. geeze
  6. sooo prettyy...i want one too!!!!!
  7. Ohhh, I absolutely LOVE it!
  8. We're Galet City triplets! Isn't it a beautiful color? Congratulations, qis2!
  9. She is beautiful. Congrats to you :smile:.
  10. I can't believe I missed this thread before! Your Galet City is gorgeous! Love the leather. Galet is one of those colours I know I'll regret missing out on down the road. Congrats!
  11. It's sooo beautiful!! I love Galet!!!

    Do you mind sharing where you found this beauty?
  12. It's beautiful, love it, congratulations.
    My galet SGH.

  13. beautiful! love galet! congrats!
  14. love it! congrats! :smile:
  15. YUmmy Galet!