My g/f & Xmas.....Did I do good...?

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  1. Yes, I am a guy on the the Purse Forum.....

    My g/f absolutely loves Coach...and is hard to even buy for.

    She loves anything with C's, and loves the Legacy stuff too (of course).

    She wears gold earings, and 2 gold necklaces that I bought here.

    So I realized she doesn't own a I bought here this (no gold because it was very expensive, and there were none in the store):


    I also went back and bought this last night for here (in the 3/4" size that I can't find on the website):


    Did I do good? I spent roughly $400 on these 2 things....and shes not just getting Coach stuff...

    I also need an answer pretty quickly because shes at work today and I need this post to disappear by tonight so she doesn't see it.


    Edit: also, is there anything I might have missed that would fit the newest Apple iPod Nanos?
  2. I would be happy with either of these items - I think she will be a happy girl!
  3. What a lucky girl! You done good! :tup:
  4. You did a great job !
  5. Wonderful gifts! I'm sure she will love them.
  6. does she like the mini C's ? i hear that a lot of girls hate mini C's..... but to each her own i guess..:blink: i like the bangle though!
  7. I think you did AWESOME! My husband bought me a watch one year and it was great. There isn't anything in particular that it made to fit a nano, BUT a wristlet would fit that and some cards/ID/cash.
  8. Very thoughtful! I think she will love it!
  9. You did a great job. My only question is has she tried on the bracelets before or does she own one since they don't seem to fit everyone.
  10. Nope....never. Hopefully it fits.
  11. You did GREAT! what a lucky girl!
  12. GREAT gifts! I have that same watch and i loveeeeeeee it!
  13. Congrats! She should be very happy with your choices!:tup:
  14. Thanks for all the comments everyone.

    I guess you don't mind seeing a guy on here.....:shame:

    I like all your smileys you can use. Anyways....So the gifts are ok together? - Or should I try to get that Legacy watch? Also, are there any gold Coach watches with Signature C's on it?
  15. this is the only gold one, but it's pretty expensive $558