My future sil doesnt understand coach.

  1. Well my husbands brothers fiancee, whom I do not like whatsoever, was at my inlaws while we were there yesterday and she started talking about the coach diaper bags and how ridiculous it was. Then i chirped in saying I will sooooooooooooo get one when we have a baby. And how my purse is a coach and I love coach. Then she was like, "so you are gonna spend 400 dollars on something you wont carry long" ... then my mother in law comes in (who always teases me cause I have like over 100 purses and get a new one like everymonth) and my MIL said "She will probably get 3 diaper bags from there" And I said, I probably will get more than one but you carry a diaper bag for a while like a good 2 years! My MIL comment did not hurt me but my future sil said it in such a way to where it was like I was the stupidest person on earth. I was like Whatever and just went on to how much I love coach.

    I hope they dont get married. haha! I need a SIL that I can go shopping with
  2. To each their own. Keep in mind that it's possible she's jealous of you and your purses and that is why she's acting that way.
  3. Yup, she's totally jealous because she doesn't have great fashion taste like you do. I'm telling you some people just don't understand our purse fetish. My mom thinks I'm INSANE for it. I yelled at her today because she wouldn't buy herself a pair of sneakers she liked because they were 42.00...I was like "Uh mom, I buy 400 dollar purses and you can't buy yourself a cheap pair of shoes?" She then said I was nuts and she would NEVER spend that much on a purse. Guess I'll be buying all her Coach gifts from now on since she won't buy them herself!
  4. Wow... I'm SO sorry... what a punk... lol. You know, it's funny because I think Coach is one of THE ONLY things my boyfriend's sister and I have in common... THANK GOODNESS!!!

    Anyway, who cares... like mokoni said, she's probably just jealous cuz she can't be as cool as you are!!!
  5. She just doesn't see a diaper bag as something worth $400 for. It's just a matter of different people with different priorities and likes in life. She might drop $400 on something else you think is ridiculous. :yes:
  6. I understand that she has her own thing. But she is always putting me down and degrading me or my husband. And this drew the line for me hahah! Dont mess with my coach. She probably is jealous of me and my husband. I think thats what it is. Which I dont understand cause I mean shes and OR nurse , she has money too.

    LarurenAshley- wow , your mom and my mom sound the same. haahah My mom thinks Im crazy too.

    Oh well , if I do go to her and my BIL wedding (which I really dont want to because she has said some mean stuff about my husband and I )... I will wear all coach accessories and carry a big signature style purse and wear a coach headband.
  7. let her have her own opinion. she might be jealous or just not into fashion. she was wrong to be judging you and being rude, but take the higher road.
  8. :roflmfao: You go Girl!!!
  9. The new multi signature stripe "multi-function" tote is just that. MULTI-FUNCTION. Sure it has the changing pad in there, but it's removable. You can sooo use this bag for other things. Carry-on, school tote, weekend bag. I would just tell her to f-off, but then that's how me and my family are. LOL.
  10. Honey i wish i was your sil because i love to shop and love love coach. And i have a 7 yr old and when he was a baby i think i had like 3 or 4 diaper bags. i didnt have a coach one but i wish they made them then i wouldve sooo gotten one. But i think she is jealous of you because you have great bags.
  11. Some people just don't get it, but that's their loss!! It could also be jealousy, but whatever it is, I'm with krispin41...tell em to f-off!!
  12. women that say crap like that are just jealous. it's passive agressive crap, you do what you want and carry what you love and can afford
  13. I told my mom the same thing about the diaper bag, in ten years when I'm married and pregnant, I want a coach diaper bag. By then they'll be cuter I hope.
  14. Know what I think is funnier? You have a Hermes Picotin in your wish list! Wouldn't they drop their teeth if they knew what one of those go for? LOL! I say to each their own and I wouldn't worry about someone elses' opinion! As long as you can afford it and it doesn't make your dh mad, go for it! And Coach diaper bags are useful for more than just diaper bags. A few gals use them for school bags and they'd be great as a travel bag. And, you'll probably use one for longer than 2 years since toddlers and preschoolers requires stuff too!!

    And I'm wanting a picotin someday too! LOL! Great bag! Perhaps you should skip the Coach bags and go right for a picotin mm? Or merely make that suggestion to your future SIL. Say it when she's taking a drink of something and watch her spit her drink out all over herself! (sorry, PMSey here!)
  15. I am soooo gonna do it while shes drinking. Ill be like, ya well Im getting this purse that is 1.5k and its fabulous and I love it. hahaha i wanna see her reaction.

    I think I would use the diaper bag/multifunction tote a LONG time because thats how I am and I think that'd be so cute when I drop off our future kids off at school and they are carrying this big coach tote. I think the parents and teacher would flip. But hey I got to start them young!