My future chanel purchase...which one?

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  1. i am thinking ahead for future purchases--after buying 3 black chanels i need another neutral color, either dark white or gold. what do you think? Is gold a trendy or classic color?
  2. I think it depends on what 'shade' of gold. The blingier the gold, the trendier it is. Plus I think the style of the bag would also greatly affect your choice.

    If you're thinking strictly neutral and everyday and will never go out of style then the white. While gold can be neutral, metallics go in and out of style just like patent. Personally though - I think whatever calls out for you and sings your heart song should be the choice!
  3. I probably wouldn't buy an all gold bag. I would think it would be harder to match.

    Go with the dark white. :yes:
  4. I will not go for gold as it will become out-dated easily. You shld look at Dark white or dark beige if you want.
  5. I'd go for white. Simple, elegant, and classic.
  6. Dark white or dark beige! :tup:
  7. I agree with that:yes: !just to add that I 'd get a gold (always depending on the shade)like a 225 reissue or an e/w or a clutch strictly for formal use!:smile:
  8. can u find something in camel or creme?
  9. Thanks for everyones help. I will not be going for gold!
  10. How about bordeaux? I know it wasn't on your original list of colors, but it's timeless (unlike gold), resists dirt (unlike white/beige), and Chanel's bordeaux goes with everything---navy, black, silver, gray, white.