My Fuschia Speedy is Here!

  1. :yahoo: My newest addition:
    speedy1.jpg speedy2.jpg
  2. love it, congrats!!
  3. so hot!
  4. Beautiful! Modelling pics, please!
  5. ummm....not in my jammies!!! maybe later!
  6. That has to be one of my all-time favorite LVs. It's so cute! Have fun with it!!!!
  7. That brand spankin' new leather looks soo great! Congrats!
  8. That is such a hot bag! Congrats.
  9. Lovely bag, congrats :love:
  10. congrats!!
  11. Wow it's gorgeous! Congrats, you must be thrilled!
  12. i totally love the color!! congrats!
  13. beautiful, congrat's.
  14. :wtf: The lady at the Nuremberg LV told me they're not making Fuchsia Denim anymore!! :mad:

    Beautiful bag though :biggrin: She's great for summer!
  15. what a pretty bag! Congrates.