My Fuschia Reade PM from ebay seller floridaweebie came and...

  1. it is BEAUTIFUL!!! In better than expected condition. The patina is beautiful and even. The scratch she mentioned in the item description is tiny. It is sooo clean and smells great.

    BTW, what a wonderful seller floridaweebie is!! She included a nice note and four Yankee Candles. The package smelled wonderful when I opened it. What a sweetheart!!!

    I really had no business getting a new bag but this one is so pretty, you can understand why I couldn't resist, right??
  2. that is one HOT bag.. Congrat's!
  3. Yayyy...gorgeous..are you going to take it to the wedding ???
  4. Yep even if it doesn't totally go. LOL.
  5. She is a beauty!
  6. Yes, I certainly can understand!!! It's awesome looking!! I'm so glad you got such a great looking bag. It looks clean and the handles look great too!!!! Thanks for the tip on the seller, I'm gonna put her in my favorites. Don't worry, I just went out this morning and spent 200.00 on a beautiful cabinet to hold all my bags and Hermes stuff!!! I am nuts, wait till hubby comes home and finds that in our room!!!!

  7. Congratulations, you got a nice price, and she's a very nice seller. If the scratch is a surface scuff you might be able to remove it with non-acetone nail polish remover. Just give it a quick wipe, followed with a damp cloth, then dry. It's excellent for removing surface marks on vernis.
  8. Thanks for the tip!!
  9. Wow, congratulations. Enjoy and use it well. She is a great seller.
  10. Nice bag! Terrific find.
  11. Awww.. She looks cute!!! You will rock it well. ;)
  12. Yay, congrats! She is gorgeous. I love mine.
  13. That is gorgeous! I am not a pink kinda gal but if I saw that I wouldn't be able to resist either. The color looks hot on that bag
  14. Gorgeous bag from a WONDERFUL seller!
  15. gorgeous bag.. congratulations!