My furry little family

  1. I have two chihuahuas and a cat, see attached pics. I think they are they are such cuties.
    molly.jpg molly2.jpg molly3.jpg molly4.jpg molly5.jpg
  2. Aaaw, they're adorable :love:
  3. They arrre such cuties! I love the little dresses!! and that floppy ear!!! :smile:
    and is that a bag of kettle corn I see? I love kettle corn! lol
  4. more pics of my little ones. Molly is tan and Daisy is black. Also added a few pics of my new kitty Leo.
    daisy.jpg leo.jpg leo1.jpg molly5.jpg molly6.jpg
  5. Such a beautiful family! Love your puppies' clothes too!
  6. They are so cute!
  7. They are so cute! :heart: :love:
  8. awww they are so cute!!! sweet :smile:
  9. Adorable. The little outfits are so cute too.
  10. OMG they are sooo cute!

    I want my next Chi to be that chocolate brown/tan color combo.

    Do you mind telling me where you got your little babies from? :smile:
  11. cute.
  12. Awww what an adorable family! I love Molly's clothes- she's very stylish!
  13. I love the ears on all of them! It must be fun having them around.
  14. Love your family!!
  15. OMG!:nuts: That first picture is too cute! They are so adorable!!