My Funny Valentine!! **PICS**

  1. My DH got me a REALLY sweet Valentine's day gift! I got it while I was in the kitchen cooking a romantic dinner (a deux). When I came out with the champagne...I found this on my plate!

  2. So I opened it! And found THIS!!


  3. Beautiful! Enjoy it :smile: And Happy Valentine's Day!
  4. I excused myself from cooking duty ("Hunny??! the stove!!")...and RAN to the bathroom to take a better pic in our nicer lighting (or dining room lighting SUCKS!
    I think it looks pretty good in this light! He picked it out himself...I didn't even LOOK at Tiffany's Valentine's Day options...I didn't want to get my hopes up! So I was REALLY surprised!
  5. awwww!!!!!!!!!!! what a darling husband...!
  6. I KNOW! He's a SWEETIE :love:. I don't usually GO for heart jewelry but, this was just too cute! I fell in complete love with it the moment I saw it!
  7.'s so cuteeee

    Happy Val's Day:p
  8. I snapped a pic of me modeling it as well (I don't know if it came out very good...but, I thought I should post it!


    Ignore the freckles...*sigh*
  9. Thanks Katriese831, MYJ, and PinkPudding! This def made my day!
  10. That is so pretty! :biggrin:
  11. thats really pretty and delicate. You have a very thoughtful man there!
  12. pretty! congrats!
  13. Ooooooo! It looks gorgeous on you! Congrats! your hubby did well. :yes:

    hehe, the blue box went nicely with your placemats. =)
  14. Congrats!
  15. Pretty! Congrats and good choice by you sweetie