My funny LV Story smh


Mar 26, 2010
So I finally purchased my Speedy 35 Damier Ebene on wednesday..I am totally in love now with the speedy and my Estrela. However i went to the mall last nite and every store i went in The alarm sensor kept going off. Im telling you it was to the point that i was getting embarrassed and no longer wanted to go in any stores. The stores kept saying that it was the charm i had hanging on my speedy. So in my mind i was like thats odd cause i carry a charm on all my bags and this has never happened. So today I made a trip to the LV store so i could take a look at the cute cosmetic case and get a notes refill for my agenda. Again when i went in the store the sensor went off so im saying wow this charm is starting to be rather annoying. I went on to look around at some stuff and then decided to leave the darn sensor goes off again..Now i am really embarrassed so i go to the SA and tell her that ever since i purchased the speedy the stores alarm sensors has been going off like crazy..she says to me "Do you mind if i look in your bag?" so i said no go about the store had forgotten to remove the little LV sensor tag out of the pocket lol lol...I was like you have got to be kidding smh...sooo long story short i left the mall early last nite and didnt get anything because of this little overlooked i can laugh!