My Funny LV Story...Over Protective LV...

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  1. ok so today I whent with my friends to the movies and saw transformers which was awsome and had my blue groom agenda with me using it as a wallet and as a hand held since it didn't fit in the pockets of my pants so when the movie ended we whent outside and it was poring :wtf: I was wearing my new orange polo shirt and coach shoes with matching belt, and none of my friends wanted to go get the car because of fear of getting wet so I whent to the concetion stand and asked the popcorn lady if I could have a plastic trash bag so she gave me one and I whent to my friends and they where like "you are gonna wear that as a poncho?" and I was like NO it's for my agenda:p so I securelly covered my precious and asked my friend for he's keys and ran in the rain to get the car and got wet like a dog:tdown: but I didn't really cared I was just happy that my baby was nice and dry, so have you guys ever had any weird over protecting moments toward's you'r LV?
  2. lol, you got your priorities right! :nuts:
    About being a bit overprotective about my bags, I do try to shield them with my arm when I'm in a crowded shopping area. You never know when people brush past you they might have something sharp, maybe ring or bracelet that could scratch the bag terribly.
  3. i have moments like that too, but i try to be VERY discrete about it :shame: i don't want my friends to think im a freak :lol:
  4. lol I felt like a freak today running in the rain taking my LV to safety:nuts:
  5. I know what you mean I would be terrified to carry a miroir bag:wtf:
  6. When my KEEPALL was all new and had no patina I used to wrap my scarf (which is pretty big) around it if I was cought in a shower.
  7. I carried my NEW Soana Sac Plat visit my local LV store(i bought nothing tho), when i came out it was raining.So i went back in again to ask my SA for a shopping bag to cover it.:p
  8. I don't worry too much when I am out but I keep my bags in dustbags at home as I don't want them to patina too fast.
  9. Im guilty...

    I have "rainy day" bags and wont use my LVs in bad weather.....
  10. LOL!
    Aww glad your agenda is ok ;)
  11. I don't blame you, I wouldn't like any of my LV to get wet either.
  12. If I know rain is forcast I don't take out anything with vachatta. If I get caught out, I cover my bag with my umbrella and let my head get wet:rolleyes:
  13. Guilty!
  14. Yes Yes, I am guilty too!! I shielded my Neverfull with my sweater when it drizzled a few days back... My colleague was laughing at me when i did that.

    I have a Saumur which was caught in the snow and i didn't manage to clean it out and now the vachetta is filled with water stains.... so sad... that's why i will try to protect my NF as much as i can!! hee:graucho:
  15. it had just stopped raining when I was leaving work to get to my car..i was so afraid it was gona start to rain again, i just SPRINTED the entire way to make sure my lovely LV didn't get caught in the rain!!!

    And today..I spilled a little drop of Fresca on the vachetta. I nearly cried..I was like..OH **** I have to get my handles replaced now! But then it dried away and it looks like nothing ever happened. Damn, I have like..plastic wrap the handles like they do on fake LV's!