My funny LV experience today!

  1. So, there I am in CVS waiting in line to pay. There is this 70 year old woman in front of me with a carriage full of stuff.:shrugs: So she's putting her stuff on the counter and I'm getting all aggravated waiting until....I see in her carriage a BLACK EPI ALMA!!! :wtf: :wtf: I couldn't believe this old lady had a LV bag! So, I start looking at her with different eyes, kwim? I start thinking wow, maybe she was like me when she was younger and her taste in beautiful handbags never left her not even when she was old and grey!!! LOL!! So, anyways, I follow her out of the store and she gets into her brand new Volvo!!!! I let her go in front of me at that point, I was go girl!!!! Rocking her LV and Volvo!!!! :jammin: :jammin: Hope I'm still like that when I'm that age!:yes:
  2. Awesome!! I hope I'm like that too when I'm 70. It just goes to show you how timelessly chic LV is, especially a classic like a black Epi Alma- you can wear it from 20 to 90.
  3. what a cool grandma!!!!
  4. That is so cute. I hope I'm like that as well when I'm that age. ;) That is funny how you were aggravated at first but then when you saw that she owned an LV that aggravation went out the window. :lol:

  5. Oh yea, I know it! That's what I meant....she went from being an aggravating old lady:rolleyes: old lady with a smashing LV bag!! LOL!!! After that I had nothing but respect, baby!!:yes: :yes:
  6. thats so cool. i see a woman every wednesday when i travel back from uni and she carries all of her shopping in a mono sac plat, she looks like she must be about 70 and she is so chic. it always makes me smile.:yes:
  7. aww gotta love the love! :love:
  8. Here a lot of old ladies carry real LV. O.o Even Pomme vernis! I think, because there were no store her untill recently, a lot of people have bought LV abroad when they were younger.
  9. Cute, I hope I'm that with it at that age :smile:
  10. Hahaha that's awesome!! I hope I'm still rocking the Louis Vuitton at 70!!
  11. :wlae:that's really cool!
  12. lol it sounds like my nan!!! Shes such a cool nan! TDF handbags, and shoes and doesnt dress like a gran! xx yay cool nans are great!
  13. LOL! So cute..
  14. that's really cool... I hope I can be like her on that age.
  15. When I'm that age, I'm gonna dress more lil girl, like "Kamikaze girls",,,fluffy petticoats.. haha, second childhood sorta... I'll have pigtails, pink tinny shoes and a priscilla, plus I'll be speeding around in a state of the art mini.... people will go there's that nut again...oh, I'll still have Louis by my side with a pink bow on his tail...