My Funny eBay Story About a Sick Idiot

  1. This is great! I'm an eBay addict. I buy everything on eBay. I tell my friends, "Don't buy it, I'll get it cheaper on eBay!". Well, I back in December I went to work in a new salon that requires me to wear dress pants on everyday except Friday and Saturday. I didn't own many except for my suits that I wear for sales meetings and so forth.Mostly I wear jeans. So I started to look for items on eBay. Well, I had purchased a cute pair of black palazzo pants from a particular seller and when then arrived I loved them so much I wanted to purchase them in a few different colors. So, I go back to the same eBay store only to see on the feedback that my psycho-ex had bought the SAME EXACT pair of black palazzo pants for his girlfriend, from the same exact seller! So, I'm so shocked I check his feedback and not only did he buy that for her he bought her the same perfume I always wore, Escada "Ibizia Hippie", the same pink Juicy Sweatsuit I own, the same Fendi Shopper Bag, the same Nike Shox shoes, Coach wallet, sunglasses...... God......I could go on and on! What a freak show! So, I figured I'd fix his damn wagon.......I purchased an "Ex Husband Voo Doo Doll" complete with 10 pins and yes, I use it daily......haha He figure he's having heart pain, headaches, siezures, constipation, impotence, loss of eye sight....all that fun stuff! hahahahahah What a fag! It was either that or the "My ex-husband is an idiot" t-shirt!

    Funny thing, though he sure put his feedback private after he saw my last purchase. Guess he didn't wanna buy that one for his "sweetie"!!! hehehehe:p :p
  2. Wow! So he knows your Ebay id and I keeps tabs on what you are buying, he's got some nerve. I bet his chin must have hit the floor when he realized you were onto him!
    You aren't alone I love buying stuff on ebay too!
  3. That is great! I think most people would have freaked out, but you handled that SO well!!!!
  4. I'm just a little intrigued as to why you looked at his feedback in the first place ? You were obviously wanting to know what he was upto :shrugs: but never the less it is bizzare that he has tried to make his new lady just like you.
  5. Thats the best laugh I have had in weeks
    Can just see you there sticking pins in the doll
    better than therapy

  6. LOL! cute story!
  7. Oh god, that is so freaky O.o! Perhaps you should tell his new love? :sweatdrop:
  8. whooooooha! stalker! I'd get a new id if I were you.
  9. Good question for's what happened. I wanted to purchase the palazzo pants in white but wondered if they would be see-thru so I read the SELLER'S feedback to see if someone had possibly replied that they had purchased the white ones and couldn't wear them cuz they were too shear (And you know if I asked the seller they'd NEVER admit they were too thin!) I also sometimes contact buyers of things from stores to see if they were pleased with the quality and so forth before I purchase, so on a whim I went through the SELLER's feedback and Voila there was feedback from my ex. It was then that curiosity killed the cat and I read his feedback (We both still use the same ID's). I wanted to change mine and did change my ID name but didn't realize it would still link the old one to the new one, I thought about opening a new account but have 400 feedback that I'm not willling to give up! So, alas I move on.....hehe.
    He just has ZERO taste and doesn't know what to buy her that's nice. He used to give me the ugliest stuff that he thought was hip. He, himself hasn't bought new clothes and still looks like he's in the 80's (I'm not sounding too good here but truth is I married him to get rid of another stalker BF who told me he'd never leave me alone unless I married someone else so I met this idiot and 3 weeks later, married him! I need mental help after him because he does have SERIOUS, mental health issues! ADHD, Narcisistic Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar etc.... hehehe) But Sheesh....go away already! It's been TWO YEARS that we've been divorced almost...anyway....I'm sure he just tries to impress her with nice things and figures if I"m buying it, it must be nice so he gets it for her. Now, I have another ID that I use to buy all my personal stuff and use the old one for most of my selling and bag purchases, golf clubs for Michael, and things for friends. It just sucks though cuz I loved Ibizia Hippie and now it makes me GAG to wear it!
    I have to laugh because I see his "little muffin" at the gym sometimes and I think, "Yup, I have those pants, I have that watch......." hahahahaha

    But the Ex Voo Doo doll was the best! My daughter loves to smash the sh** out of it cuz she never did like him. Then for the coup de gras..........I left feedback for the girl who sold it to me (Whom I was corresponding with through e-mail) that said, "I love it! It's great, I'm going to go outside and run over it with my car right now...I sure hope it works!" hahhahahahaha I kill me!!!!!!

    All in all it makes me thankful for Michael because he's so sane and normal
  10. ahhhh! what a creep
  11. Well they do say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. :roflmfao: . I have to say though, I do feel sorry for the woman he is trying to change and fit your mould.
  12. Funny story... Your ex sounds like a sad man, and you sound like you're in a much better place now. Just one thing... no reason to call him a fag. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality and using the term "fag" can be very insulting to people. I'm sure you meant no harm. I just couldn't read it and let it go.:smile:
  13. What a jerk! Way to handle it, girl! Gave me a good laugh!
  14. Too funny!
  15. Yes, you're right,.....It is my new favorite word and my bf laughs his butt off when I call him that! He says it sounds so funny when I say it! In fact, as a hairstylist you can imagine that most of the guys in my salon are homosexuals and I call them that all the time and they just laugh at me! My best GF is gay and we laugh cuz she's newly single and you don't even wanna hear her own words for the women in her "dating pool"!!!! haha

    Plus I get extra satisfaction out of calling him that because I'm very open minded and accepting of others color, creed, sexual orientation whatever. In fact, my daughter is named after a very special person in my life who we lost to the horrible AIDS epidemic. But he on the other hand is the most homophobic person I've ever known so it's just extra special when directed at him! IN fact he never wanted much to do with most of my friends as a huge percentage of them are in fact, gay.