my funny 3 year olds Coach comment!

  1. So the other day I was getting ready to take my kids to their tae kwon do class and I had just sprayed on one of my sample viles of Coach perfume. I walked out into the living room where the boys were waiting for me so we could leave and my youngest who's 3 1/2 goes "mommy you smell like the Coach store, you smell pretty!"

    UH, DH gave me the look of death!! :wtf:
    Guess I take my sons shopping too much!! hehe. :roflmfao:
  2. Hilarious! :roflmfao:
  3. That is TOO funny! I am picturing the "look of death" from your DH!:lol:
    Just think of it this way, your boys will grow up knowing good taste!:yes:
  4. Aaaahh! That's too funny!!
    My 3-yr-old son sometimes asks to go to the Coach store - there are a few SAs there who play with him. They talk to him about limited editions, etc. and he acts like he totally knows what they're saying.
    We're training 'em young :yes:
  5. NICE!:tup:
  6. Ha, I love it! I just wish I lived near enough to a Coach Store to know what it smells like.

    What's funny though is I'm such a Disney Nut that I can spot anything that smells like Disney.
  7. lol......I thought of my 3 and a half year old son and the look on his papa's face during the following conversation:

    papa: what did you do today?

    son: went shopping with mama

    papa: what store?

    son: coach and the lady there said mama spent enough to feed an army (me and my SA were joking around about how many times I had been in during PCE. I really did not spend that much)

    papa: oh really? (look of utter shock)

    me to my son: hmmm...mama needs to teach you how to keep a secret (and to myself: no taking him out christmas shopping this year..he sees and hears everything).
  8. BUSTED!!! :roflmfao:
  9. Aw that is so cute, and wow what recognition he has of the smell and the association with the store.
  10. Ha!!! lol adorable!
  11. Too funny! Kids are smart!!
  12. lol, my son is almost two and i totally see this one coming. "tattletale" hee hee
  13. :smile: That is too cute!!

    I have a 3yo daughter that LOVES all things girlee especially shoes and bags. The other day I had the scribble tote and starla flip flops and she looked at my feet and said "OH! I like your Coach shoes" - then gasped "OH THEY MATCH!" She is always pointing out coach bags (the signature ones) and telling people - I like your Coach... :rolleyes: At least she has good taste.
  14. ah funny and awesome. i can't wait till i have kids and start training them ;)
  15. me too glitter