My Funky nail

  1. :yahoo: hellooooooooooo




    :love: YOUR COMMENTS
    1nail.jpg 2.jpg 3..jpg 4,.jpg
  2. Love it!!! Did you paint it yourself?
  3. Very pretty!
  4. [​IMG]

    5,.jpg 6.jpg
  5. Yes i did :yahoo: thaaaaaaks:love:
  6. and there is more & more ,, i'll show u later :shame:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. i wish i had that steady of a hand very nice!
  9. like a pro!!!
  10. Nice! I like the jewels, cool.

    I'm R handed, I can't ever get polish to look as nice on my R hand as I can on my L!
  11. ^^my same problem!!!:lol:
    cool nails Miss KSA!!
  12. Really pretty!!:smile:
  13. so pretty!!! good job :smile:
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