My funky little sale purchase: Graffiti Mrs. Boxe

  1. When footcandy got these last year I tried them on and loved how they looked with jeans. I knew they would be a fun and funky shoe to wear because the graffiti added some attitude to my usual classic taste with CLs. I also knew I would never pay full price for them, so I waited. Initially they were 30% off at footcandy and 40% off at nap. I held my ground waiting and finally they were 50% off and I made the purchase with store credit. I have wore them around the house and they are so comfy they feel like slippers! I have also worn them out doing errands and have received compliments on them.



  2. Lavender-

    Love, love, love them!

    They look awesome on.. .perfect for skinny jeans. I would love to see those in my close :p
  3. Now that I see them on someone, I like them. You look great!
  4. Thanks girls!
  5. How fun!! I love them... :jammin:
  6. cuteeeeee!!! i love how they look on you, esp with that all-black timeless ensemble. wowie! i love miss boxe wedges, they're the most comfy wedges i ever own!
  7. I was surprised at how comfy they are! I never owned a pair of skinny or straight leg jeans, but I have bought a couple just to wear with this shoe.
  8. How do they fit on you? How much did you need to size up--if any?
  9. They fit like the simple pump which most people find as true to size, i.e. whatever your US shoe size is. If you size up I would only go a half size. I did not size up.
  10. Lavender - Yours is the first picture that I've seen of someone modeling them. They look amazingly good on you and so much more different than in the stock pics.:yes:

    Actually, I'm really, really surprised these haven't been seen more places.:confused1: Some time ago, CL's Sing Sing were seen everywhere and on every celeb it seemed. I much more prefer the black and white Graffiti Mrs. Boxes to those.
  11. Lavender-

    I don't know if you went to the store or not... but if you did... did you see the Very Prive Graffiti's? If so Are they crazy looking?
  12. Love your shoes and the skinny jeans are PERFECT!!! WOW.
  13. love them!
  14. Thanks Stinam. I guess this is another case where seeing the shoe on brings it to life. I never would have purchased them without seeing them on first. Also, my guess as to why they were not see as much is because they were not readily available at more stores and boutiques. Did anybody see them other than on nap or footcandy? The only graffiti style I ever saw on a celeb was the Clichy.

    I did see them in the store and they did not look crazy. It's just I don't think the graffiti worked on the classic peeptoe style of the very prive.

    Thanks Lynn!
  15. ^Lavender

    Thanks for the reply... I never actually go into Footcandy.. usually just check their website ever so often so I was wondering how they looked in person.... Plus I am obessed with Very prives! :drool: