My Funky Fabulous MJ Family!


Jan 25, 2010
So I've finally taken the family pics.........I think my family looks entirely adopted but I love each and every one of them!

Top: MJ Rocker Fergie '07
Middle: MJ Large Single Violet '09
Bottom: MJ Sweet Punk Fluo Orange Puochette '06

Top: MbMJ Turnlock Lemon Dot
Middle: MJ Sweet Punk Siouxsie '06
Bottom: MJ Stardust Python Embossed Beat Bag Beige '09
Bottom: MJ Stardust Python Embossed Small Zip Wallet Pink '09

Top: MJ Mini-Stam Python Embossed Black '09
Top: MJ Stardust Python Embossed Large Zip Wallet Black '09
Middle: MJ Small Ursula Bowler Lobster Red '06
Bottom: MJ Fuschia Stam '08


Bitten by the CHANEL Bug
Jul 28, 2007
I love your collection; they don't look adopted at all! I also look for EUC in my 'preloved' items as well, but it's always nice to get something that looks like new :biggrin: Wish I could find someone to hand over their EUC snakeprint SD LZW!


Jan 25, 2010
i can't see your pic cause i'm at work right now, but just from that list alone, i'm stunned by the awesomeness of your collection! thanks for sharing, mina!
That means a lot coming from u Tad...u total encyclopedia MJ you!
Beautiful collection, Miz!

I can tell that you absolutely hate quilted bags :lol:

I REALLY like your colour choices too. Wowee.
You know, until now I didn't realize how many quilted ones I have.....Hmm I wonder what the analyst would say?
Mina you have quite a family there! Love each and every one of them! You have great taste girl!
Thank you Muggles, again means a lot coming from such an avid collector!
I love them all! I have never seen the Fergie. Very nice!
They don't look adopted to me. It looks like a very well-thought-out collection.
That Fergie came along quite early when I was sorta obsessed by patent leather. I've calmed down a little now but it's a great bag and has a long canvas strap with studs so u can wear it messenger style.

There is a sort of cohesiveness in that they're all MJ. I'm still in my early collector phase so maybe I'll bust out later this year with something more risque'.
This is the kind of collection I'd like to have, you did a perfect job picking them all out!
Thank you! Keep checking ebay & bon......wheel & deal! And I'm so not patient!
I did! And I know! I wish this was my job, too! :P
Congrats on a fabulous collection! I envy you for a lot of these bags
Jenny, I now understand when people say that it took them all afternoon to photograph. I only have 9, what must 15 or 20 take? There was someone's pic that was insane - like 35+ bags on a bed who was that?
What a stunning collection!

Love the python embossed Stardust Beat Bag in Beige!
And that python embossed Stardust LZW... :heart: :heart: :heart: Where did you find it? I've been looking for that beauty!
NAP of all places and I think I got the only one they had b/c it said sold out right after I clicked "purchase." I was sorta regretting the $300+ tag but now feel really good about the whole thing. I didn't realize these were so hard to come by.

Those stardust bags are what sucked me into MJ in the first place!