My fun/funky Georg Jensen wedding band, get wierd reactions from jewelry store women

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  1. There's a jewelry store I go to once in a while that I really like, I look at a couple things here and there (but I find that I'm not a big change my jewelry kinda person), at one point I kinda wanted a small eternity band to try to stack with my anniversary band and "vow renewal" wedding band.....anyway I can't make it work but I LOVE my funky Georg Jensen wedding band and am not willing to take it off for another ring, (which leaves me with some rings I never get to wear anymore) it has a lot of meaning, if anyone is familiar with the fusion line from Jensen you know the rings are kinda stackable puzzle pieces, my husband has the two end pieces (to make up one full ring) and I have the middle of the puzzle so it's kinda like when you can put all the pieces together it makes one whole life, like me via my ring is the missing link to him via his ring. I always feel like I get funny looks from these women and they seem to try to talk me into wearing a different look on that finger, have they no sentiment LOL! Anyway, I love how unique my little set up is and wanted to share........

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  2. The pic is blurry but I can see how stunning the eternity ring is though!!!:drool::drool: Do you mind if I ask the total carat weight of that one? I love it!!!
  3. Thanks, yeah camera phone.... the Jensen ring has some diamonds sprinkled around and it's that funky shape, but it's different, I guess that I love it is what matters.....
  4. As long as it floats your boat and means the world to you who cares!!?? But it is nice they want to talk to you about it,and you get to say over and over how much it means to you because of your dh!!!
  5. Oh woops, didn't see your question. Well I have really tiny fingers as this is only a 5 stone not a full eternity, the hand that it's on is a 3.5 or so and my left hand is a 3..... Anyway it's a five stone 20pts each to total 1 ct. Thanks, I love it too, it's set in Plat and it's just a great everyday ring. Got it for our 5th anniversary hence the 5 stones......
  6. Oh my your fingers are tiny!!! The stones are fab!!!! I also prefer that as opposed to a full eternity since I'ld be too scared to knock around the diamonds at the bottom. And its the top stones that get noticed anyway!!!
  7. Yup, the pic is not so good quality, but you can say the band is stunning!
  8. I love Georg Jensen! Love your rings!
    They are just trying to sell you something. Times are tough.
  9. Wow, such tiny fingers. Im dying to ask you some questions. Is that you in your aviater? If so you are very pretty! And, how does your husband wear the rest of the ring if it is that small? Or are his top and bottem sections bigger, meaning they all wouldnt join as one?
  10. What a lovely ring! And such a great sentiment behind it! It is a lovely idea that your "pieces" all fit, creating a larger "picture" together--the picture of your life!

    So sweet!
  11. i like it. its unique
  12. Wow thats such a cool wedding band, it looks gorgeous!
  13. Yay, thanks to everyone with the positive remarks and compliments!
  14. Yes that's me, thank you!! Well, they don't actually "fit" together because of the size difference, but my ring is the middle piece of the grouping so the puzzle piece details are identical.
  15. pretty
    you wear your wedding ring on your right hand?