My full moon purchase!

  1. I feel like being powerful that day, so I went to get myself a supa red wallet!!!!

    Yes, the NEW VERNIS RED!! Not that I need a new wallet, but it was full moon that day :wtf: and I waaaaaaaaaas juuuuuuuuuust bypassing LV store that late afternoon when I heard a calling, only to have found out that it was full moon that night! DH doesn't know yet....:graucho: It's my best kept secret by far!
  2. congrats, very nice!
  3. ;)

    Congrats, i love this colour:love:
  4. congrats!
  5. This color is growing on me more and more. :smile:

    Congrats it's a real beauty.
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!!! :love: :love:
  7. CONGRATS!!! it's such a gorgeous color!... it's the color that drew me to the vernis line! :p

    wear her in good health!!!
  8. Congrats .. such a stunning colour:heart:
  9. is this the old red or new darker red?
  10. Congratulations.
  11. ConGrats on your new wallet! Isn't the Pomme color just divine? My DH doesn't know about my Pomme wallet yet either, lol!
  12. I really love that color! Enjoy!
  13. beautiful!
  14. This is my favorite color of any vernis I've ever seen - I never purchased anything in that line before - too worried about color transfer - But this was so gorgeous - I just didn't care and bought the 4 key holder - it's absolutely gorgeous. It's fun just to look at in the sun!!!!!!!!
  15. oooh...congrats!