My full Amarante family! WooHoo!

  1. So today WAS lucky! Thank the lord I was able to go to my other LV store and they had a perfect bracelet for me...along with some other goodies. I LOVE this color beyond anything, a lil fingerprinty, but meh, I care not. I shall buff it happily and regularly. LOL! Onto the artsy framed!

    My fingerprinty (I kept holding it all day) cles.

    My Inclusion pieces, Bracelet PM and Ring!, ok, so I know I said I was a tad paranoid about the opening but I HAD TO. The bag,'s too intense, I needed a larger space of this color to own. I will just carry stuff in it that I wont be super paranoid about or just carry around lil stuffed toys and candy in it. Yes, that works. Here she is:
    LOL! I love her, I thought about it all night and had to.

    That's my lil family and I love em. :wlae:

    Thanks for looking guys, :heart: you!
  2. Hey Gayle,

    We're Reade twins!

    You got a lot of stuff!! Soooop pretty! I tried on the bracelet but they only had a small and I couldn't squeeze my preggy hands through the little thing. LOL
  3. Another Amarante lover! Congratulations on your Amarante family --- all gorgeous!!
  4. Wow, Congrats!!:tup:
  5. Congrats! Amazing pieces, they all look wonderful :smile:
  6. Love the colour. Adorable collection.
  7. Congrats! :heart: all your Amarante goodies!:love:
  8. Gayle, I love all your buys! Wow I love that ring! Too beautiful. You are so on target with your adjective..."intense" is the perfect way to describe Amarante. I had to quote your post 'cause your pics are so pretty I wanted to repeat them! Enjoy!
  9. Gayle, I love your collection! congrats:biggrin:
  10. Your Amarante family is amazing, congrats! : )
  11. Love all of them!!
  12. gorgeous family you got there. ;)
  13. :heart::heart::heart:
    Awww, Thanks so much to everyone xoxoxo!

    Riley! I saw yours too, it's so pretty, hehehe. get one anyways, so when you become un-preggie with the new beautiful addition you can wear it! :heart:

    DesigningStyle, you're too cute!!!
  14. they're oh so beautiful! im on a ban by my husband, but maybe i can sneak one in. congrats!!!
  15. Congratulations.