My Fuchsia Bag

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  1. Hi

    Took a quick picture of the fuchsia bag my SO got for me.... turned out it was a 28cm HAC instead of a birkin... but I aint complaining coz I love it and because it is a gift from my dearest :heart: :love:


    Sorry for the bad fotos...
  2. OMG! Such a beautiful color!:yes:
  3. Wow!! Great bag! Chevre?
  4. hi pepper, its chevre...
  5. I like bright colors in little bags (I have fuchsia in a 35 and that for me is the maximum...sorta borderline too big for such a bright color...for me...) so I imagine the proportion/size of the 28 HAC is perfection!! Enjoy and congratulations! I am hoping for raisin chevre someday...
  6. Actually, I love the 28 cm HAC as it is deeper and holds a bit more than a 30 cm birkin. Fuchsia is a very eyecatching color and like you, I prefer it in "smaller" doses as well..
  7. Archangel, foto is great. It is a bright sunny color. Beautiful! Enjoy her!
  8. very pretty!!
  9. Perfection! just lovely!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!
  10. archangel! she's sooo pretty! lovely color and the HAC 28 is so hard to find!

    great SO!
  11. You lucky girl for having such a sweet SO!!! That HAC in that color w/ that leather is simply GORGEOUS!!!! :drool: :drool: I LOVE IT!!! :love: Your SO scored big!!!! I hope you got ur SO an equally special present for all the trouble and thought!!!:graucho: :graucho: I can't stop staring at it!!!!:wtf: :wtf:
  12. She's a dream come true... I've always wanted fuchsia chevre to round off my collection...I owe it all to my dearest partner...let's just say he had a BIG SATISFIED smile on his face after he received his thanks for getting me this beauty:graucho: :rolleyes:
  14. Lovely!!
  15. Congrats!