My Fuchsia Bag


Aug 23, 2006

Took a quick picture of the fuchsia bag my SO got for me.... turned out it was a 28cm HAC instead of a birkin... but I aint complaining coz I love it and because it is a gift from my dearest :heart: :love:


Sorry for the bad fotos...
I like bright colors in little bags (I have fuchsia in a 35 and that for me is the maximum...sorta borderline too big for such a bright color...for me...) so I imagine the proportion/size of the 28 HAC is perfection!! Enjoy and congratulations! I am hoping for raisin chevre someday...
Actually, I love the 28 cm HAC as it is deeper and holds a bit more than a 30 cm birkin. Fuchsia is a very eyecatching color and like you, I prefer it in "smaller" doses as well..
You lucky girl for having such a sweet SO!!! That HAC in that color w/ that leather is simply GORGEOUS!!!! :drool: :drool: I LOVE IT!!! :love: Your SO scored big!!!! I hope you got ur SO an equally special present for all the trouble and thought!!!:graucho: :graucho: I can't stop staring at it!!!!:wtf: :wtf:
She's a dream come true... I've always wanted fuchsia chevre to round off my collection...I owe it all to my dearest partner...let's just say he had a BIG SATISFIED smile on his face after he received his thanks for getting me this beauty:graucho: :rolleyes: