My Frist Brand New LV Purchase!

  1. Hey guys!
    I'm really excited to show you my very first brand new Louis Vuitton item! This Keepall 55 Bandoulier in Macassar Monogram purchased in Sydney Australia in the George Street Store for my 30th birthday.

    What i'm REALLY impressed by is that it has the date code AA3107 which means that when i purchased it on the 14th of August (33rd week of 2017) it was only 2-3 weeks old from the LV factory in France! has anyone else purchased something that had been made so close to the purchase date??

    Also can anyone tell me why there is that little silver ring attached the the inside the bag to just one of the handle fasteners? IMG_4134-20-08-17-11-52.JPG IMG_4317-20-08-17-11-52.JPG IMG_4204-20-08-17-11-52.JPG IMG_4140-20-08-17-11-52.JPG IMG_4318-20-08-17-11-52.JPG IMG_4319-20-08-17-11-52.JPG IMG_4320-20-08-17-11-52.JPG
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  2. Congratulations!
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  3. A beautiful piece! Congratulations!
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  4. Congrats on your purchase!! I'm planning on getting the same one but in the 45 size. I love the black trim with mini canvas! I know your going to get lots of good use out of it.

    The ring inside is to clip things too. Eg. Mini pochette, key pouch..... anything with a ring can clip to it. Hope that helps
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  5. Thanks for your help (i had figured as much)
    If i was going the 45 i'd defiantly of gone the Eclipse monogram! i spent ages tossing up between the Eclipse in the 45 or this one, at the end of the day i needed the bigger bag so that won it for me. if they did the eclipse in the 55 i would of gotten that one. I love the Macassar as its a little bit different then the regular beige straps.
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  6. congrats!!!
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  7. Congrats and happy birthday! Such a great first LV piece (I'm sure the first of many).
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  8. Happy birthday and congratulations for selecting such a special gift. think of all the future trips you will take with this bag.
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  9. May I ask if you could post a reference pic for size/height? I have been thinking about this size for my husband. He is 6 ft. and I have been thinking about a 55 Keepall for him for our anniversary.
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  10. Congrats, and Happy Birthday!
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  11. Or you could think of it as you turned 30 in '17!
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  12. Thank you! She's already made her 'Maiden Voyage' at the Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast Australia, It was the perfect reveal lol :smile:
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  13. I don't really have a full length mirror good enough to take a comparison to my height (5ft 10inches) but i think the 45 would be too small for someone who's 6ft tall, Honestly for a man i think the 45 is better as a secondary bag to complement a larger bag or other luggage. Personally i think the smaller look of the 45 is a little more feminine and suits a smaller body frame. Don't forget that generally men who are 6ft or taller will have larger clothing and shoes that would take up more space in a weekender bag.
  14. Oh yes, very true! I'm also after a Keepall from my Birth year/month Aug 87