my friends's little dog bit me

  1. I met my friend's little dog yesterday for the first time. He is a cute mixed breed (she says yorkie/poodle - adopted from the shelter).
    The dog was so cute and friendly.....jumped in my lap, etc. - that I got too comfortable and stuck my face in the doggie's face. He bit my nose!
    Nothing serious and it was my fault.
    I guess I'm used to cats and although cats can certainly bite and scratch, one who is acting affectionate like this won't usually do that.
    Anyway, my friend and the doggie felt bag afterwards and I felt bad for causing it.
    Lesson learned :shame:
  2. i am so sorry.....
  3. Oh noes! :p

    i have a little kitty who is a notorious nose biter so I feel your pain.........literally!
  4. :sad:

    Sorry OP. I've had a dog bite me, and it was scary and traumatic. I'm glad you are ok and that it wasn't serious.
  5. was more of a shock than anything....and my fault.....I did suggest to my friend that she may want to caution any children she has over not to put their face in the dog's face......or maybe I'm the only one silly enough to do that.

  6. Oh poor you sdkitty, hope you're ok, I commend you for admitting fault here, a lot of people would demand the dog be muzzled or worse, and I think on a lot of occasions us humans can push a dog to a level of playfulness or giddiness that they nip or bite (I'm not talking violent incidents here of course, that's another issue entirely), but it's so sad to hear of the frequent stories here in the UK about dogs being put to sleep or muzzled because they are provoked by humans. Hope you and wee woofer are fully recovered :smile:
  7. Ouch!

    I hope you are okay. Those little dogs seem (to me) more dangerous than the big ones, lol.

    I was bitten in the face by a Dachsund when I was 1,5. Still have the scars on my cheek and below my jaw
  8. thanks
    it was a minor bite
    just goes to remind me - you can't predict what someone else's animal companion will do....I'm fine and so is doggie

  9. aww well if it makes you feel any better one of my cats leo, goes from happ and purry to ears back attacking and bitting in an instant, then back to cute and purry hahaha , hes bi-polar.
  10. My two like to bite noses! But it's not a mean bite by all means! It's like nibble and lick on the nose.
  11. I actually have a cat like that too. I probably wouldn't put my face in his face because I know better. :smile:

  12. That's cute.....this bite I got was more like "hey you're scaring me - back off"

  13. I have a small scar on my nose from a dog bite I got 17 years ago. only mine was from a harlequin great dane. I should have known better too, and I'm sure the dog didn't really want hurt me, just wanted me to go away. Otherwise with a dog that size I would be sitting here without a head!

    Well, obviously not really. :p