My friends - need your advice ! HELP - looking for a work or weekender, but ... first

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  1. My dearest friends - now I need your advices :sos: ! Since I saw all these very nice 'work/weekenders' I'm also looking for to buy one in a nice color (which one ???) :shrugs: !
    But .... I only can buy one if I sell one (or two!) of my bags from my current collection !! WHICH one I could let go :girlsigh: :search: ?? Here are . . .

    my cities:
    from '03 = caramel, red/rouge
    from '04 = turquoise, lilac, anis

    '04 eggplant

    - apple green, ice blue, bubblegum pink, magenta

    OMG --- I still love them all :crybaby: :heart: THANK YOU !!
    112-1204_IMG.JPG 112-1202_IMG.jpg
  2. Anis city should be set free.

    no buying/selling/trading on tPF, thanks!
  3. Noooooooooooooooooooo no no no no no no, "I" sweetie, you cannot sell any of your b-babies :crybaby:Especially NOT the Cities and NOT the eggplant purse :sad: They are AMAZING and look sooooo fabulous on you!

    edit: BUT if you must choose *sigh* I'd pick one of the Day/Hobo, maybe either the bg pink one or the magenta? Since they're both in the similar color range? :sad: I don't know.... It makes me sad to see you let go any one of your bbags....
  4. but... you could sell your lilac city and buy bertie's lilac weekender... yum!!
  5. Of coursse Hatikuh is right!!!!!!! But OMG, you could make some serious $$$!
  6. DEFINITELY!!!! ;)

    no buying/selling/trading on tPF, thanks!
  7. omg. *dies*
  8. Oh First your collection is amazing :love: :love: !!!. If you really need to sell one of your beauties, think in the one you aren't using that much...
    I don't know, :shrugs: it's very hard decission...maybe one of your cities?
    Sorry I am not a good help :shame:
  9. Thats a good idea :yes:

    They are all so beautiful, but maybe sell the '03 red city and go for a rouge vif weekender. I know I would definitely keep the eggplant purse - it is so gorgeous and so unique :love:
  10. Ooh that's a tough decision...maybe choose the one you use the least? All of them are stunning colours, good luck making a choice, just remember you will be loosing a baby but getting a new one too!
  11. What a terrible decision !!! All your bags are so gorgeous !!!
    Maybe I would help with rationnal decision :3 pink bags, 2 ind Day size, so maybe you would more easily let one go ...maybe the Magenta (a rich pink as the City)!
    OMG !!! You can't let go the Magenta !!!
    We can't be rationnal with B-bags ...

    Which one do you use the less ???
    Whats is your shortlist colours for your future Work / WE ???
  12. Oh no "I"!! Your bags are too amazing to part with! But...if you must I would do as the others say, maybe sell ur 04 lilac city for the weekender OR sell you magenta/bubblegum pinnk hobo as they are in the same colour range as the lilac?

    I'm sort of in the same position too. I just got a seafoam first but for quite a lot of money so need to sell one or two of my's so hard!

  13. Awwwwwwwww 'T' sweetie :shame: ... I know, I know .... I'm sad too :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: !!! Let me think it over ... I really don't know what to do now :hysteric:
  14. "I" dear, maybe you should try on the work/weekender first, and see how you like it? What are you planning on wearing it for? Everyday, or for travelling? As fabulous as the larger sizes are, if you're not comfortable wearing them, or not use them enough to get your money's worth (I always think in terms of cost-per-use), maybe it's not worth selling off the other ones that you do love & wear often to get the larger sizes?

    Which colors are you interested in if you were getting the larger size?
  15. ... hhmmmmmmmmm.... *sigh* .... oh you're all soooooo sweet :tender: ! Ok - I'm using 'all' of them, each day another one - matching to my day-outfit ! But yes ... ok ... less than others I use the magenta hobo, since it's in the same colour range like the bg-pink (thanks perce... and fromparis)!? BUT my '04 lilac city .... OHHHHH this one especially I love soooo much, you all know and remember 'why', isn't it ;) :heart: ??! It's a really hard decision, I fear :crybaby: !
    I also could accept the idea (from smallfry) with selling the '03 red city and buying a rouge vif weekender !?
    Or .... the anis

    no buying/selling/trading on tPF, thanks!