My friend's daughter likes to wear bandages on her hands...................

  1. I would be interested to hear your opinions on this. She is 15 & has always liked to wear bandages?????
    With my counselling training I think it is an attention thing.
    I don't like to say this to my friend in case she thinks I am saying that she doesn't give her daughter enough attention but she is worried about it. I sure would be if my daughter was doing it & I am worried about this kid as I love her dearly. There are no home problems that I know of her mum & dad are together & all seems ok.
    She also went through a period of making involuntary noises like squeaks this is a classic sign of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), again I am reluctant to say to my friend but I think this kid has problems & I feel that I have to intervene??? Is this my business? It could wreck my friendship with her mum but I think the kid needs psychiatric help.
    Do you guys have any experience of this or opinions on this?
  2. At first I was thinking maybe she wants to be like Lyndsay Lohan with the bandages... but afterwards you mention the squeaking and why would anyone do that on purpose. You may be right but its a touchy subject. Does your friend talk about any of this to you? Does she show concern? How is her daughters attitude in general?
    I don't know what to tell you, but if you bring it up, I would do so cautiously as its a delicate subject.
    Good luck!
  3. Seriously?

    Like band-aids on her fingers? or bigger patches?

    Does she wrap her wrists? If so, then I'd be more concerned... I work with girls who self-injure....usually it starts small... pricking fingers, small cuts... then they move onto either wrists/forearms... or...b/c it's easier to cover up, shoulders or upper thighs...

    If you're worried she self-injures, then you should check to see if she's got injuries or if it's just band-aids for sympathy....

    Becuase I've seen that, too... I've seen a girl tape up her back & use a bit of red juice syrup & claimed an uncle's gf hit her....

    Glad you're looking out for your friend's kid!
  4. Thanks for reply, yes my friend has talked to me but only in a jokey way like "**** is wearing a bandage again today"
  5. Not band aids but a proper bandage on her hand going up to her wrist, she is definitely not self harming. I have actually looked for those signs when she is not wearing bandages. She doesn't do it all the time, perhaps 2-3 times a year. I have asked her why she tells me she just likes wearing a bandage, I cannot understand that at all. I closed a car door on my thumb the other day I bandaged to protect it & give a bit of support, it really bugs me so why would anyone want to wear a bandage that wasn't injured??????
    I think it was actually me being so annoyed with the bandage on my hand (so annoying, can't take a shower etc.) that really brought my worries about this girl to a head & prompted me to post this thread!
  6. You were kinda describing me when I was younger. When I was like around 12 I started to wear ace bandages for attention b/c I was shy in school and I didn't have many friends and I thought maybe people would ask what happened to start a conversation you know?

    As for the squeaks that may be a form or tourettes. I don't like to admit it, but I have some form of tourettes that I can suppress when I'm around other people but when I'm alone, it all comes out! I also have OCD. So that might be something to look into.
  7. Yes I was just going to post that it could be a form of Tourettes as well. I know there can be mild cases where it can be suppressed although most Tourettes is involuntary.
    How are you now?
  8. like... an ace bandage???

    i have OCD way bad with some things but OCD is TOTALLY a situational thing. everyone is different. i definatley think she's crying out for attention, but what kind of attention she thinks she's gonna get is beyond me. maybe her wrists hurt? carpal tunnel? i have carpal tunnel, so thats the first thing i thought of is all. has ANYONE said ANYTHING to the acctual girl who is doing this? has NO ONE addressed it to the kid? would it be SO out of place for YOU to do so? it would probably intrege me so much i'd just casually go right above her mothers head and be like did you hurt yourself? do you think there is something wrong with your wrist? does it hurt? are you okay? and see what kind of reaction you get from her. i'm sure if someone blatently came out and asked questions like that, someone with psychological training could read SOME kind of SOMETHING from her reaction... does that make sense?
  9. Her mum has asked her those questions as have other people, she just says that she likes wearing them
  10. Interesting, well clearly she doesn't seem too concerned with it. I would have to ask if it were my friend. (or friends daughter) Maybe it is nothing and just for attention, but if it isn't, along with the squeaking, then maybe that is something you could offer help with.
    However if that was my daughter, I would be asking her about both, and if I didn't get a reasonable answer I would tell her to take them off, or stop. Especially since, at 15, kids can be harsh at school...
  11. I am going to speak with my friend seriously about her daughter's behaviour this weekend, I am worried about the girl.
  12. Hopefully it goes well!!
  13. Yes i hope she doesn't get mad at me but I think the kid needs help
  14. I was also thinking the squeaks may be a form of tourettes...

    Perhaps the mother isn't too worried because she knows her daughter really well and thinks she's functioning just fine? It doesn't sound as if she is harming herself.

    Let us know what you find out. This is very interesting! :yes:
  15. She is definitely not self harming & the mum just thinks that it is a phase she is going through. However, I would be more worried that there is something underlying. Will keep you posted!