My Friends Crisis

  1. A couple of minutes ago, my friend called me and was flustered: The straps that were glued together on her monogram canvas pochette came apart. Now, I know you are all thinking: Is it authentic? It is. I was with her boyfriend when he picked it out in the boutique. Anyway, my question here is: Does she have to go to a leather place that can do this (like a shoe place or some store that deals with leather) or can she go to the boutique? I honestly could see this coming. She would overload the bag (her damier canvas wallet, phone, etc. I would never overload my pochette. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I would take it straight to LV
  3. ^^ agree..go straight to the boutique :smile:
  4. Yes, LV only, because if anyone else works on it LV won't
  5. only LV boutique can solve this crisis
  6. Thanks guys, thats what I thought. Do you think she'll have to pay for it to be fixed?
  7. Pochette straps have been known to split apart. You can buy a new strap directly from LV.
  8. The strap can split if the leather gets too dry. She can buy a new one for about 65US at LV.
  9. If it is new maybe no:confused1: but I'm not sure :P
  10. Thanks you guys, I just callled and shes so relieved! ;) You guys are the best!
  11. Yes, take it only to LV. How old is it?
  12. Yeah, this happens to the strap quite a bit 'cos like u said, it's only glued on..Probably better off buying a new one..
  13. Its not that old. She got it Jan.
  14. They'll fix it. Hopefully it won't take long.
  15. eeky go straight to LV do not pass Go do not collect $200