My friends birthday

  1. I was looking at purses at Karmaloop (since of course, I love to shop where I rep) for my friends birthday. She's pretty much into the whole scene/glam rock look and two bags caught my eye that I thought she'd like.

    Bag #1
    Harajuku Lovers and IMO very cute
    I might have to buy one for myself too

    Bag #2
    It's not really my taste, but she loves leapard print and it has the look of something a "trashy" New York glam rocker would carry.

    I'm pretty torn on which one to get her.....
  2. I prefer bag #2, which might mean that you should get #1 because I am old and probably have VERY different taste that you guys:rolleyes:

    Seriously, #2 is adorable. If it was leather, I would want it to wear out to dinner or for drinks in the city.
  3. Thanks for the feedback.
    I'm still really torn. Both bags would suit her perfectly.

    And, sorry I don't know about the jeans.
    I pretty much only wear Sevens and BCBGs.
    If you do decide to order them though make sure to use the 20% off code.
  4. i like number one.
  5. I like bag #1 the Harajuku. Its way cute. :graucho:
  6. Def number 1..I want one :smile: