My Friend Went To The Emmys And Was On The Red Carpet

  1. She won miss sri lanka 2006- and parcipated in miss unvierse 2006 and now has a contract iwth an LA agency- thought i would share!!
    emmys-2006-10.jpg emmys-2006-04.jpg
  2. wow shes stunning!
    my old babysitter won miss UK about 8 years ago and came fifth in miss world but decided against miss universe.
    Its fun telling people though isnt it lol
  3. it really is!!

    im sooo proud of her
  4. She is very pretty!
  5. How exciting! She looks lovely! I'd be proud of her, too.
  6. All the best to your friend and I wish her only success. Think of all the great stories you will be able to share!!!
  7. Your friend is very pretty!
  8. how cool... she's gorgeous... and so tall
  9. Congrats to your friend! She is gorgeous!
  10. That's so cool that she got to go! And of course, she's gorgeous!
  11. shes gorgeous! she dosent look sri lanken though!!! is she mixed?

    congrats to her! how old is she?
  12. WOW!:nuts: Very pretty!Thx 4 sharing!
  13. wow, she's really pretty! And congrats to her for all the success!
  14. Oh she's lovely Baby Boo! How exciting for her!:yes:
  15. hahah thanks guys .. i know pretty coooool..

    her dad is sri lankan her mum is malaysain. she just turned 21 this month