My Friend Needs Help on Ideas How to Propose

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  1. Hi All,

    So one of my good guy friends is proposing to his girlfriend and is completely clueless as to how to do it. He wants me to give him ideas.

    Anyone have any good ideas that I can pass on?

  2. awww how cute! Maybe take care her out and enjoy the meal, and put the ring somewhere she won't see it, and have her find it. Ok my idea is bad! lol!
  3. Oh, nice, a proposal! Well, I think a romantic dinner (NOT in a restaurant - him the one cooking it! shows he is willing to contribute, haha) and then outright asking her - I don't know whether he should get on one knee or not, that is up to him.

    sorry, after reading a lot of threads lately - is he sure he will get a positive response? (otherwise may want to test the waters first...... better than to be disappointed!)
  4. What's the girl like? That makes a huge difference. Some people like a big showy proposal, others would rather have the earth swallow them whole rather than any type of public display at a restaurant.

    One of my friends' boyfriend proposed to her at the first place they ever said "I love you". I always thought that was cute.
  5. there was a thread a while back about proposals - it was very romantic! I'll look for it for you!
  6. PLEASE don't mention the Jumbo-tron proposal! (Unless she's a sports lover and would like to be proposed to that way. If you don't know what she's like, it's safe not to go with that option.)
  7. put the ring in a new the mini sac HL from louis vuitton... :heart:
  8. OMG rensky i was thinking the same idea as you. today i told my SO that i would LOVE LOVE LOVE for him to propose to me in paris with my ring in an hermes birkin. he laughed at me as usual =) but going somewhere romantic is great. paris the city of love and light !
  9. Theres the traditional romantic dinner route (at home or not) or the eccentric route.. like an airplane with a banner flying behind it, saying: "Will you Marry me X" :biggrin:
  10. My favorite proposals were when the guys told me WHY I meant so much to them. That was the most important part. I suggest your friend spend careful time planning what to say.

    There was one episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy where the guy said the most beautiful things when he proposed. The Fab Five built him an outdoor tent for the proposal venue. Lots of romantic candles. The ring was inside a box made of chocolate. You remember the one.

    I :heart: :heart: :heart: the proposal thread on tPF a few weeks ago.

    My favorite story was the one where the guy proposed in Paris. Paris is my favorite city in the world. I would love to be in proposal-bliss or honeymoon-bliss in Paris. sigh........
  11. My husband did it in the privacy of our apartment, he just said "There is something for you over there on the shelf". He picked the ring out himself and I have had more compliments on it than I ever imagined.
    I myself wouldn't want a public proposal, there is too much pressure to say yes even if you don't mean it.
    I had one guy propose before and I wanted to say no.
  12. What if you just wanted to keep the Birkin and not the guy?:nuts:
  13. He could take her out for a really romantic dinner and when he's ready to propose he could put the engagement ring in the bottom of her champagne glass when she's not looking and then he could say "toast" and she would see it.
    I saw this on Nip/Tuck lol but I thought it was a good idea.
  14. wouldn't it be funny if she didn't notice and swallowed the ring? =) sorry just me being silly! fendigal - i would definitely want the guy instead of the birkin ;P my SO is awesome