my friend maxter needs suggestions on her first Jimmy Choo bag

  1. Hi fellow JC fans:

    I wanted to introduce my friend maxter, who I often hang out with in the Chanel suforum. She's very cool and has a delightfully wicked sense of humor AND she's in the market for her first Jimmy Choo bag. :tup:

    So I thought I'd solicit suggestions from everyone. She thinks she wants a brown bag, and she's also a big fan of exotic skins. (She owns a fantastic Chanel python flap, fyi.)

    Maxter is heading to Chicago soon to check out the Choos, so perhaps Robyn could pass along the name of her fabulous SA at the Chicago boutique????

    Here are a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling.... (Yoo-hoo, maxter, come on out and introduce yourself!)

    (I so want this bag!)



    Malena.jpg Mahala.JPG Mahala python.JPG Alex.JPG
  2. :choochoo:Welcome to the JC thread Maxter:welcome: So glad you've come over to play with us:choochoo:

    The Wonderful person to see in Chicago is Casey McDermott. She is AMAZING and will do everything possible to help you (and then some) find the perfect Jimmy Choo bag (matching shoes too) The phone number is 312-255-1170 and you can even drop her a quick e-mail to let her know what you might be looking for in a bag and then she can be sure to have suggestions in the store. Just address it to Casey and all the other SA are good about getting the emails to the appropriate people.

    As for bag suggestions, Cosmo recommended some great ones and depending on the amount of items you want to carry and whether you are set on brown, I doubt I can offer any better suggestions. But if you want to share a little more about your wants and needs, then I will definitely try to offer my 2cents:woohoo:
    Feel free to ask any questions and we're all here to help!
  3. Maxter likes THE FINEST bags, pull out all the stops, she has impeccable taste!
  4. Hi Maxter, difficult to know what you would like - I have no idea if you like big or small handbags but welcome to the JC Forum. For my twopenneth I really like the first one Cosmo posted, but my personal fave is a different colour - I like the plum colour.
  5. Oh Swanky, now I'm ver-klempt! Thank you so much for your kind words. :blush:

    I'm just a regular SAHM like a lot of people on this forum. I just LOVE accessories, but I have to say shoes are my first love. Here's my spring/summer shoe thread: Maxter's spring/summer shoes to get a sense of my style. I like to say I'm funky-chic!

    And, yes it is true, I have a "smart-ass" sense of humor (see avatar!) but Cosmo is so kind as to call it "wicked". I like that!

    Ok, here's my info: I have two boys 5th and 7th grade. They are involved in many sports (mostly soccer and tennis). I do a lot of volunteer work at the school and in the community so I'm constantly running around. I am NOT the type of person to "baby" my bags. I have a few that I do "baby" but I prefer to toss them around and not worry too much. I'm more likely to have a cosmo, gin and tonic, or a beer with my girlfriends rather than tea at the local coffee house (LOL!) I'm on the short side (5'4") but tend to wear chunky platform shoes whenever I can (they make my ass look smaller!). I'm a curvy girl: busty size 10 or 12 on top and 8 or 10 on the bottom. (Working on getting to that 8 again - sheesh! - but have made some progress this summer.) I'll see if I can get a decent pic to post.

    The one thing that I am always worried about is that I don't want to look like I'm 20 when I'm really 43 - KWIM?

    Having said that - I'm not afraid to carry an outrageous bag if I think I can pull it off. And I absolutely LOVE IT when everyone is talking about my bag (or shoes). I can only say that to my fell tPFers!! I would never admit it IRL - but Karen Walker would!!

    I'm not tied down to any designer but I do love Chanel. I'm not crazy about flap bags for everyday b/c going in and out of that flap would drive me nuts. I'll see if I can dig up some pics of my bags.
  6. I love ya, maxter! :drinkup:

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that neutral (brown) bags are not really Jimmy Choo's strong point (although they do make some nice brown bags).

    I think JC's best bags are the bold, glam, COLORFUL ones!!! And I think that you've got a bold personality that could carry off a bold bag.

    So how about one of these... :graucho:


    Ramona slick leather red.JPG Mahala aubergine.JPG
  7. Here's a few pics of my bags. I also have a fab orange Tod's bag but no pic. I gotta work on that!!


    My favorite go-to bag. Takes a beating and nobody ever even knows it's Chanel:

    Chanel Speedy:

    Fendi Sellaria:

    LV red epi speedy:
  8. I think a Mahala would be great for you, because its so easy to get in and out of.
  9. Chanel Modern Chain - really like but not so in love with anymore like I first was. I think it was a crush, not true love!:

    Vintage Prada - I feel like doing a 'lude whenever I take out this bag!:

    Prada Animalier - kinda trendy but fun in the summer:

    Prada bowler - on $ale and easy to carry off:

    Swanky's fav:
  10. I'll have to see if I have some more pics but this should give everyone an idea of my taste - which is NOT classic. But I do think it is timeless in a quirky way. I don't have any IT bags that will look OUT in a few years.

    Cosmo - you devil!! Thanks for introducing me. Drinks are so on me the next time I'm in DC! Plus, then I can steal my two fav bags of yours: Brown Reporter and Burgundy Choo. Me loves!!
  11. Hmmm.... seeing your already colorful collection, maybe you do NEED a brown bag. Decisions, decisions...
  12. Oh, and as I was thinking about this yesterday I'm not really tied into an exotic for a Choo. I'm thinking about making the big jump into Nancy Gonzalez for that and I also really want a vintage, alligator kelly bag.
  13. I really, really want a delicious chocolate brown bag. However, I'm not opposed to something outrageous like violet? I have a great Loro Piano winter coat that is a beautiful "lighter" brown color and I wear it with a Loro Piano textured purple cashmere scarf.
  14. I was watching Entourage a few weeks ago and Mrs. Ari had a beautiful blue patent one. I almost PMP when I saw it! Does it come in other colors?
  15. ^^^^Jesus, woman, who doesn't???????

    But, back to reality, and OT, I've been lusting after this green Nancy Gonzalez bag...


    I already own this clutch... :tup: