My friend just ruinned her Classic Flap

  1. My friend bought a lambskin classic flap a while ago. When she finally decided to use it (she just love it so much thus keeped it untouched and unused:p), she found the leather was a little bit dry. So she applied some leather conditioner on the bag, but sadly, the result of that very unprofessional treatment was that the conditioner left little dots/marks scattered around the whole bag. Just think about she has never worn this bag, what a tragedy!

    Since I am no leather-care pro. I have no idea what can be done to undo the damage. Will the Apple products help? Or the only way is to send the bag to professionals?

    Any info can help! please save this poor girl:crybaby:
  2. Oh noooo, I am so sorry to hear that!!! If all else fails, ask her to send it back to Chanel and let the professionals take care of it!!
  3. I would leave the bag to chanel. I think they can fix it for free within a year
  4. Wow sorry this happened to her... and thanks for sharing the experience with us. Now I know not to put anything on lambskin. Do you know what product your friend used?
  5. Oh man ... that really sucks! I hope she gets it fixed soon...
  6. I believe Chanel will try to repair it, or is very good, too. I hope it turns out well!
  7. I would send it back to Chanel and not put anything wlse on it that may make it worse!
  8. Ditto, send it to Chanel.
  9. Yikes!

    I condition all my bags and have not had that happen.

    I would take it to Chanel. It alsmost seems like there may be something wrong with the bag.
  10. Thank you all for your advice!

    lovensparkle - Yes I learned from her experience. I think we should at least be caucious about the following two things even we are no pros: First, never use an unknow conditioner on our leather bags before you make sure it is safe. Second, if we decide to try it anyway, try it at an unoticable corner of the bag first.

    I hope she had her bag less than one year so the warranty is still effective.

    Thanks again!
  11. Is the warranty still valid - even when the owner puts something on the bag that Chanel do not advise. In the leaflet that comes with the bag, they say to wipe bag with damp cloth.... so was this covered under warranty?
  12. Oh no! I'm so sorry for your friend. Definitely have her take it back to Chanel. They may charge her since it is not a warranty issue (I think Chanel always says to not put anything on the bags) but you never know! Either way, they can work miracles there, so make sure she takes it back!!
  13. I believe this effect hapens when the product "clots" with dust and debris, so the problem is essentally on the surface of the leather [which is good- better than permenant staining etc].
    She should perhaps try briskly buffing the surface to try and remove the residue.
    Sorry if i've misunderstood; could you get her to take some photos...? As far as I know, colour-free treatments hardly ever cause irreversable damage, so she shouldn't panic just yet!

    Edit- just noticed how old this thread was.. woops!!
  14. I would suggest bringing it to Chanel for repair. Maybe they can clean it or something? I wonder what leather protector she used on it that would damage it like this? Best of luck to your friend.

    I also just noticed how old the thread is, opps...