My friend just had her mono Koala stolen!

  1. It was her first piece of LV and she was so excited to get it last Thursday.

    My heart breaks for her. The credit cards and ID can be replaced, but your first piece of LV - now that is such a personal treasure.

  2. :shocked: i'm she thinking about buying another one to replace it? sorry about your friend
  3. OMG!!! That is horrible!!! So sorry to hear that!
  4. That is so sad...i'm so sorry:cry:
  5. Sorry to hear that.:sad:

    ........How bad addicts are we? Nevermind the ID etc., we're concerned with the LV wallet!!! :rolleyes: :roflmfao:

    .........Is there an addiction program out there for us PF people????:shame:
  6. Oh my gosh that's awful!!! i'm sorry :cry: Happened to my mom in January, her wallet got stolen. It had been her first piece of LV too, 18 years ago... it meant a lot to her.

    I hope she will be able to replace it, and I'm sure that karma will bite the thief in the ass :flowers:
  7. I am not sure what she's going to do. Our husbands are dumpster diving around the area right now to see if they can find the wallet.

    Hopefully, the thief doesn't realize the value of the wallet, itself. We are HOPING he took the credit cards and tossed the wallet somewhere. (Lots of druggies in the area, so who knows...) This just happened an hour or so ago...

    We went to the LV store together on Thursday. I got a purse and she got that wallet. I didn't think much about the Koala until I got to hold it in my hands. It is such a sturdy, elegant piece. I left the store wishing I could have purchased one, too.

    Now, I just want to get her a replacement...
  8. my mom got her purse stole, from her job no less (construction was going on and one of the guys took it) and they found it later in the parking garage, the only thing taken was her check card. Hopefully, your friend will be as lucky as my mom was, but, I agree, karama will come around and get the theif later!
  9. thats terrible! I hope you can find it.
  10. Horrible! SO SORRY, to hear this!
  11. Gosh, I hope so. Your mom was very lucky, indeed.

    I'm starting to think twice about those check cards, BTW. They seem so much less secure than using a standard CC. AND, to top it off, some banks are not insuring against loss from theft - leaving the cardholder out of whatever is taken.
  12. awwwwwww am sooooooooo sorrry 4 her .. how did it happen?
  13. People SUCK!!
    I'm so sad for your friend :sad:
  14. WOW :censor:
    Sorry to hear :sad:

  15. Her car was broken into while she was doing her morning swim.

    The wallet was locked in her center console - and the thief broke the lock, I supppose.

    Other cars in that parkinglot were also broken into this morning. Not sure what else was taken, but the police are still there taking reports.

    Thank you all for the concern. It's just one of those things that makes your heart sink a little. She was hesitant to spend that much money on a wallet, but just adored that Koala. :sad: