my friend just had a baby, I don´t know what to get her, care to share ideas ?

  1. Hi,
    I know this is not about parenting, but it´s about baby !!! Yes it´s the first time I have a close friend who has a baby. And being part of a group of close friends, we all have been nominated "uncles and aunties !", since we´ll be closer geographically than the baby´s real extended family.
    Anyways, since it´s her first baby she has bought absolutely everything you could think of and even the stuff you usually leave for presents options. Clothes,shoes,diaper bag, a few toys,mobile. I think the traditional silver cup and spoon should come from family and when I suggested a Tiffany rattle, my friends didn´t like, help ?
    BTW baby is a boy
  2. Hello,
    I would get her useful things. I bought a bathing towel that works really well to wrap the baby into after bath. I also bought things for the bath too like lotions, cotton, powder, etc.
  3. how about handprint/footprint kits or a keepsake box.
  4. Oh wait you are in Europe. A portrait certificate from wherever.
  5. Strange as this seemed, I really appreciated the baby towels, washcloths, onesies, diapers, and wipes. The baby might spit up a lot so those will come in handy. Also, the baby will go through possibly 8 diapers a day so the packs go quickly. It gets expensive so it helps to have the extra stash in a size bigger, like a 2 because babies grow so quickly.

    We did get a personalized blanket with name embroidered on and I thought that was so sweet.
  6. Some of my favorites:

    Onsies (the one piece t-shirts)
    Baby einstein dvds
    diapers, hard to go wrong there
    gas drops, they actually work and people forget about them..mycilyn (something like that, is the brand name)
    keepsake books, your favorite when you were a kid, is always a sweet gift.
  7. What about a diaper cake?:: Bloomers Baby Diaper Cakes :: Or you could make one yourself? You could never have enough diapers! Maybe you could make each tier with a different size? Or bath items are good too... the brand Mustela has great products and sells gift sets.
  8. I think for parents who've already bought "absolutely everything" you can get things they may run out of or may need later on. I loved getting diapers, baby wipes etc. You can get bigger size clothes (a bit difficult though as you need to account for the season as well), or all chip in for a cool high chair (have you seen the one by Bloom?), a convertible car seat or some other thing that he may need when he's a bit older.
    I love the thought of giving a portrait package (it's one of my favorite gifts to give).
    If all else fails, you can always give them a gift certificate for their favorite baby store.
  9. Does she have a registry?? All the gifts I recieved were NOT from my I really got nothing I needed. But gifts are always great and its the thought that counts.

    If she doesnt have a registry and you just want to get her something cute, check out I LOVE so many things here.
  10. Ah cool, I had never seen those before !
    She doesn't have any registry unfortunately, but I got so much inspiration now, thanks for your great ideas and input !!
    I'll go shopping with this list and see what I can find in my small town !
    There are really cute things on that website Omgsweet, I also like this brand of shops in England,
  11. My friend was just raving about diaper cakes a week or two ago also. if the baby really has everything, it's nice to get something sort of frivolous and fun. I like to get cashmere baby cardigan and bootie sets, or a cashmere baby blanket for our friends who have more spoiled babies. Totally impractical, but so soft and the mommies always love them. I've also done the personalized baby blanket or quilt also. I get mine on, not sure how their shipping to Europe is, but maybe they'll give you more ideas.
  12. We're about to have our 2nd dd and my mom's best friend wanted to get us something. I told her the best thing, since we have most of the essentials, was a gift card so we could get formula, wipes and diapers since they all cost an arm and a leg and I'm on unpaid leave for the first few months of this kid's life. It's not the most glamorous gift, but it will be one of the most appreciated!
  13. I know it's not the culture in the West, but after receiving tons of clothes and some repeat items (we don't have a widespread return policy in Singapore), I really prefer cash gifts for DD. It's not unusual in Asia and at this point of time despite all the boxes we received, we still have things we need but haven't bought.