My friend is turning 21!! What to get her??

  1. My best friend is turning 21 soon! What should I get her? I thought about LV, but for $1000, what would seem feasible? :graucho:
  2. You could get a Speedy 25 and a small wallet!
  3. Damn!!! You're a really good friend!!! You could always get her a speedy, it's a classic staple of LV!!! What are her preferences exactly?
  4. Aww, you're a great friend! I agree: a Speedy 25 should do justice.
  5. WOW! What a generous friend you are! I wish my best buds would spend that kind of money on me! I say a Speedy 30 and a cles. :yes:
  6. I love her greatly.. and I work my ass off right now in the financial industry... I hate my job. Might as well get a few nice things to relieve some stress... I'm still at work :sad:
  7. You really are a great friend! What kind of bag does she prefer? Handheld or shoulder? If handheld, a speedy would be perfect! If shoulder, I'd recommend a popincourt haut (more pricier, though).
  8. Shoulder would be good. I'm going to look into that. Thanks for your suggestion! :heart:
  9. wow what a great generous friend! shoulder bags other than popincourt haut, maybe batignolles horizontal, cabas piano, petite bucket, lockit horizontal, papillon 30.
  10. That's super sweet of you !

    I'd also second the speedy and an accessory, like a wallet or a pochette to go with that ! :yes:
  11. Wow, where can I find a friend like you!? Really though, you sound like a very nice friend. I agree with the others maybe a speedy, and a wallet!
  12. Get her a bag in the style you know she prefers (whether it's a shoulder bag, hobo, handheld....).
  13. you are an awfully nice friend!!!