My friend is pregnant, give me tips about how to help her, gifts etc! :-)

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  1. Hi Ladies! :heart:

    My ex-colleague and friend is pregnant, she's 29 y.o. soon 30 in March. She's 12 weeks now. None of my friends has children so I don't know very well how to act, what I should do and what I shouldn't... We are now both at home without a job, we live about 25 km from each other. She is not from the town where she's living so I guess she feels a little alone because she's always alone at home during the week - her old friends live far and work.
    I would like to ask if, apart from asking her how the pregnancy is going, there is something I may do to show her I care and I am close to her... in example, if I buy her premaman cloths for her birthday is it fine? She tried to look for some but didn't find anything cute.
    Please give me advices also about what I shouldn't say etc
    Thank you very much!!!!!! :tup:
  2. Maybe buy her a book having to do with pregnancy and what to expect during the coming months. That would come in handy especially if this is her 1st baby! Good luck...
  3. Don't tell her she looks fat! LOL!

    I think a manicure and pedicure is a great gift for ANY woman, especially a pregnant one.

    I agree that books are nice too, they keep you informed of what to expect during pregnancy!
  4. Thank you ladies for your advices! :tup:
    Well, it is her first baby so I guess that a book would be really a great idea also because I don't think she has one! Plus she doesn't have the problem to look fat because she's very thin!!!
    I am sure she would appreciate a lot the manicure BUT we don't have anything to make nails very close, I need to inform my self!
    Thanks ladies!! :heart:
  5. Is there anywhere nearby that does prenatal/pregnancy massage? Later on, she's going to get all sorts of aches and pains, so a massage is really nice.

    Maybe a nice notebook to keep a journal, if she's the type of person who would do that.

    Wait and see how she feels, and you may be able to help out by dropping off a meal or running an errand for her. I was so exhausted I felt like I'd run a marathon just going to work every day; getting other things done was really hard and I would have welcomed any help.

    Oh, and it sounds like just spending time with her and asking her about her pregnancy would be a great gift! Go out to lunch or just hang out at her place together.