My friend is getting engaged.....

  1. My friend is dating the most wonderful guy, he wants to marry her. This would be a second marriage for both of them. He is trying to think of something unexpected that will kind of blow her mind.....So he is thinking of taking her to Chanel and buying her a bag and inside the bag will be her ring..... Mind you he has not approached the Chanel store about it, he wanted his brother to be there to take pictures. Do you think it is possible a Chanel store will allow him to do this? He has 3-4 Chanel stores in the area where he lives so he feels he might be able to pull it off. I thought Chanel did not allow pictures in their stores and think this is a really cool thing to do and very romantic...... Some guys do have their acts together......:tup:
  2. WOW...very sweet - I hope they let him.....
  3. Awww, how sweet. Coco would approve.:tup:
  4. So romantic, hope it works out!
  5. oh i love it!!!!! It kind of reminds me of sweet home alabama when patrick dempsey took reese witherspoon into tiffanys to propose.
  6. DANG....How come I never got proposed to like THAT!!!LMAO!HOW COOL!
  7. I bet Chanel would let them do it! Especially if he is going to buy a bag!
  8. Wow! Oh how much he must just love her....

    I hope they let him do it. Please let us know what happens.
  9. aww he really seems like the nicest guy, how thoughtful!!
  10. Very sweet!! I have no idea, but I hope they let him!! :heart:
  11. wow! If she doesn't say yes after a proposal like that I will!! And I'm already married!!

  12. LOL
  13. Wow that seems like a really cute idea! So she gets a ring and a Chanel bag out of the deal lol. Great guy.
  14. Sooooo romantic, his mother taught him well :heart: lucky girl!!
  15. aww! that's so sweet! How is he going to make sure she buys the bag that the ring is in? (I assume she'll be in the store?)