My friend is dying...

  1. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer last year. It was such a shock, as she looked and felt great. We all supported and rallied around her to give her strength and encouragement that she could beat this terrible thing, even knowing her chances of survival were said to be less than 2%. I believe in God, so I was holding out for a big miracle. She is dying now, but I believe the miracle did come...just in a different way than I expected. My friend has gone through an incredibly enriched journey in the past year, and her friends and family have witnesses how the Lord has carried her through it all. She is in such a good place right now, and she has been an inspiration to us all...SHE'S OUR MIRACLE! She is so loved and she knows it! Last night, she called in all her family to be with her because she said she knows she's going home anytime now. May she go in peace and wake in the arms of Jesus!

    Beautiful people on TPF, hug your loved ones today!!! :heart:
  2. :tender::flowers:
  3. :crybaby:thats so sad, but very enlightening at the same time. My thought are with you both!
  4. :crybaby:

    That is both sad and beautiful at the same time. If only everyone could have the great strenghth that your friend has. It sounds like you are also very strong as well. Please know that we are all here for you during this time, and we are all praying for you and your friend.
  5. **HUGS**

    You and your friend are both in my thoughts and prayers.
    She's been so strong and I'm sure she feels so lucky to have had such a supportive friend like you.
  6. *hugs* wow. That is incredible... She is so strong and she's living in such grace and dignity. Although this may be unexpected she has obviously has touched so many and is still going to be a blessing to you all.

    I hope you're doing fine and you and your dear friend are in my prayers and heart.
  7. Thank you everyone. I'm so happy to be able to share with you all. I was first glad to discover TPF for my 'sometimes very shallow' material fixes, but have come to know wonderful people like you. TPF is so much more! =) Anyhow, I am fine with everything with my friend, except two things. The first one is that I had a chance to see her this past Saturday but declined because I didn't want to remember her frail and sick, etc. I know she knows I care and because of the stage she's in, she wasn't able to put thoughts together to think, "oo_let_me_see didn't come to see me." But it was my last chance to see her. The second thing bothering me is it all happened so fast it seems...and the selfish side of me would rather have her here with us, sick and all. lol I know she's going to be just fine when she passes, but I'll sure be aching! All those things are mere mortal feelings, and I know it will get better. It's just going to take being able to balance my feelings of joy for her that she'll be in a better place and out of pain and my own heartache of not having her here any longer.
  8. OO, I am in tears reading your posts. Your friend is so lucky to have amazing friends like you. it's just hard to understand why some of us pass early in life and others not. I pray for your friend to be at eternal peace.
  9. Aww, I'm sorry to hear this...but it sounds like she's in good hands. :angel:

    Here's a lovely poem. It's short and sweet:

    A Tear Fell

    by Marge Tindal

    I shed a tear today
    Silently, I felt it fall
    You caught it
    shared it
    held it
    felt it
    it wasn't
    so big
    after all
  10. Oh, Giver of Life, please have mercy.
    Your sweet child, she suffers today.
    In her stead, Lord, I beg and beseech Thee...
    On her behalf I now humbly pray.

    In Your tender compassion and mercy,
    Send angels to stand guard round her bed.
    Let Your Spirit of Love gently surround her,
    That Your Presence may draw her instead.

  11. my uncle and his mother recently died and although i felt like my heart had been torn out when it happened the fact that their faith kept them strong and at peace with themselves helped a lot. it also helped me refind my faith, at times like this we need something that we can trust and make us feel safe, religion offers this in abundance. stay strong.
  12. OO, you are so blessed to have her in you life. You know that everything happens for a reason, and that often we cannot understand, or see that reason. Your friend has brought you a lot of love, growth, and enlightenment. Never forget these lessons, and carry them with you always.

    Do not feel bad about not going to see her. I have a feeling she understands. :flowers:

    Sending prayers to your friend, yourself, and your loved ones.

  13. What a beautiful thing. I'm so touched by this. I too pray that she goes in peace and wakes in the arms of Jesus.
  14. your post is beautiful. i felt so bittersweet reading it, because it was obvious just how close you two are, and how much pain and difficulty you're feeling from her illness. i'm sorry to hear of your friend, but i'm also glad that she's not alone during this time, especially with close family members and friends as amazing as you.
  15. Love and peace to you both. :heart: