My friend is a XEROX machine!!!

  1. Ok, I just need to vent coz my bf doesn't understand this....Ever since I started buying designer purses not too long ago, my friend started copying me. I really don't mind if she gets into designer purses as well but what bugs the hell out of me is that she finds it necessary to buy the EXACT same things I buy. I buy a speedy, she buys a speedy. I buy a batignolles, she buys one too. So I've bought a total of 6 LV purses and she bought the SAME EXACT things! I don't I just being insane for being a little annoyed with this? We work together too and sometimes I find it a little odd when we're carrying the same purse during lunch. It's kinda like wearing the same outfit for me. And recently, I bought a discontinued LV bag from eBay and when she saw this, she's been begging me to bid on one for her too (she doesn't have an eBay account).

    We've been friends for too long and a purse is a trivial reason to lose friendship but I can't help going nuts about her "Single White Female" tendencies (a movie, for those who don't know). What's the best way for me to let her know that this Xerox machine attitude is a pet peeve to me?
  2. If you have been friends for a long time, I would just flat out tell her!
    Tell her you love the fact that she has the same taste as you, but purchasing the same exact items is a bit much. OR, you could just say "Isnt it weird that we both have the same exact bags? I wonder if people think we are trying to copy each other?" This might be a better option instead of telling her straight up.
  3. the title of your thread.

    This is hard, she obviuosly thinks you have good taste. I would try and help her find her own style. Why not offer her suggestions that would work with her wardrobe?
  4. ^^ What Tink said!
  5. ITA with tink! this happens to me all of the time, and it is really hard for me to take the "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" path.
    i think flat out telling her will only cause trouble...

    maybe for a present for her birthday or something, buy her a bag thats totally different from any of yours, but fits with her personality, and hint about how great it is to be unique
  6. Buy a bag she can't afford.
  7. Right after I finished writing my post above, she called me and asked when I'm gonna find her the purse from eBay, lol. I asked her why she wants the same one and she flatly just said, "Coz it's cool to have the same purses." I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or hang up the I kiddingly told her that we're starting to become like the Bobbsey Twins and here's her response: (Silence and then...)"Why? You think you're the only who can afford these purses?"



    I calmly responded, "Well, I already know i'm not the only one who can afford them since you've been buying the same exact things so, no, that's not the reason why I asked why you need to have the same purse."

    She said, "You just like to be on top of all the time. School, work, money....I'm sorry I'm raining on your parade."


    Some serious issues from the past boiling over.
  8. She charged up ALL her purchases using a credit card. She told me this herself.
  9. Wow, charging all those bags up just to keep up with you? I'd think I'd drop her as a friend on the basis of not being too smart.
  10. A little OT but I had a similar friend situation. She was jealous that
    * I had a husband (she REALLY wanted an SO)
    * I had my own home (she was still living w/ parents.)
    * I got into law school. She always told everyone how she was going to go to an Ivy League school & then she never even took the LSAT. Which is totally fine but I think she felt akward that she had blabbed about law school, law school, law school & then it didn't happen. Honestly, I think she thought it sounded good & was not prepared for the blood, sweat & tears it actually requires.

    Basically we were SUPER close & then everything came to a head. She literally had a meltdown (which lasted DAYS) & now we no longer speak. Sad but true. I truely believe she had a meltdown. I had known her for years & the she did a complete 180.:shrugs:
  11. This is one reason I really want her to stop doing this. I still care about her and I know she's making a huge mistake charging up things left and right (she owes me money, too) but it seems like I can't tell her anything without sounding like I just want to be 'unique' or 'special' for being the only one with nice purses. I think every attempt I make seems this way to her.
  12. I don't think this is OT at all. I have a feeling that this is more than a purse, too. She's always said that she's happy about the things I have like a good boyfriend, a house, career, etc. but now I feel like there must be some jealousy in there too. I think since it's easier to keep up with the purses rather than having a house, a bf or a good career, she's started doing this.

    I was really annoyed earlier but thanks to this forum, I think I'm beginning to understand her.
  13. If I were you first of all, since she is asking you to bid for her on ebay I would ask for the money that she owes me back. Second, I would also advise to her at the same time that she should think about paying back the credit cards before getting into more debt, it sounds like she has enough designer bags to be ok, for a little while.

    and third, if she still wants to keep buying I would tell her that its silly to buy the same purses, that you both could have a bigger selection if she bought something different and borrow each others bags. You can always get out of that one by saying you are using your bag :graucho: Is that evil? I had to do that with my friend too...bags AND clothes :wtf:

  14. LMAO!!!!:roflmfao:
  15. Love the title of the thread. Agree on the eBay, tell her you need your money and cannot bid on anything. If she chooses to get over her head in credit cards trying to keep up that is totally on her. I would mention her financial situation to her, she may blow up. You should not stop your purchases, if you happen to have the same purse on the same day change your purse and you may want to keep where/how your found your purse. Just change the subject or say you can't remember. And most importantly don't tell her about tPF! :tup: