My friend is a model--Please help her and VOTE!


Jan 21, 2007
Here's the deal: A very good friend of mine from school is in a contest for Smashbox cosmetics, to continue on in the competition she needs to be in the top 50, currently she is 36th, but to move on past the top 50 cut, she HAS to be in the top 10! That's a looooong way to go, but tPF has a TON of members, so if everyone could pleaaaaaaaase take the 10 seconds to vote for her we could probably get her there! :smile:

All you have to do is click "vote"

A little info on her [and why she's so great]: She's the sweetest girl on earth, nice to EVERYONE [and I MEAN that! I've NEVER heard her speak badly about anyone], she's incredibly bright and grounded--she plays volleyball for my school and once told me she'd give up all of her modeling just to be a better athlete. She's very family oriented and lost her brother to cancer before she left for college [he was also in the army] but with her sunny attitude, you would never know. I clearly adore this girl. Please vote!!!



The girl that is currently in the #1 position is some emo rocker's girlfriend that is only getting votes because she woke up one morening and decided she wanted to be a model, NOT because she's been working her behind off getting contracts and jobs [like my friend!]

Pleaaaase vote!!! Thanks all!!!!

PS: You're technically only allowed vote once from an IP address, the site says that multiple votes from the same computer will not be counted [and could possibly result in a disqualification]