My friend has crohn disease.

  1. My good friend who is the half brother of my half brother i know it's complicated) had alot of cramps and went to the hospital 1,5 weeks ago. Me and the BF went to see him alot and it was hard to see him like that, he had lots of nasty investigations and last night they told him he has crohm disease he was so happy that he got to go home and i don't think he realises it yet. He was planning on studieing abroad but he probably can't go. I have been feeling so bad for him.. thanks for letting me share
  2. I am sooo sorry about your friend. My precious SIL also has Crohn's disease, it is so hard to see her so sick, sometimes she is so sick she can't go to work or take care of her daughter, but my family is always there for her when she needs it. I will be keeping your friend in my prayers.
  3. My mother has this as well.

    I hope every friend is doing okay.
  4. My brother has Crohn's. He can be fine for months at a time, then may get sick for a couple of weeks. Besides the sick spurts he lives a normal happy life as long as he's taking his medicine. Good luck to your friend.
  5. I hope your friend is able to recover quickly, and have more good days than bad.
  6. Hi
    I have Crohns. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.