My friend got a toenail fungus that she says she caught from the nail salon we go to.

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  1. My friend informed me today she got fungus on her toenails and is blaming it on the nail salon we both go to. I really don’t know what to think. This is a place my sister and I go to maybe once every two months and have been going there for years with no problems. I usually do my own nails with Shellac and have a foot spa, paraffin dip and buy many of the special pedicure products that are used in the nail salons. Things like the 6 step pedicure and the pedicure crystals that feel and look like quicksand in different scents.

    Last time I was at this salon I didn’t get a pedicure due to a cut on my foot but sat for over a hour while my sister did and I was observing everything go8ng on and one thing that caught my eyes was how quickly they cleaned the pedicure tub between clients. I mean like just sprayed it for a few seconds with something that looked like Windex and then wiped it down and rinsed. It probably took about a minute. I did not smell anything chemical in the spray they used such as a beach smell.

    So now I am paranoid about getting my nails done. I have tried a few salons in the past ten years and this worked out the best for me. Even though I don’t go often my daughter and her friends do. A few friends have told me about things such as being unhappy with the polish application, getting a cut while a pedicure is being done but nobody ever mentioned fungus.

    I told my daughter we can do a long pedicure at home this weekend since she is going back to college.

    Basically I wonder if it is worth trying a new salon or just doing my own. Getting a pedicure was a special time my sister and I always did and she loves to get them and will not give it up. I guess i can sit and watch her get one.

    Any horror stories at the salon? This may seem like a strange question but how do you know you have a nail fungus. Now I ma checking my toes and they seem normal. My one relative had a foot fungus years ago on one toe only and her nail was yellow and I think it took about a year for it to go away. I don’t know what she did but I think she might have taken some pill for it.
  2. I’ve heard horror stories like these, but just in the news, not from anyone I know personally. I do my own toes just because I don’t see big differences from when I get pedicures, but the manicures are something I’d find hard to give up. I don’t know what to do except maybe make pedicures more infrequent so that you lessen your chances of catching anything. =\
  3. I have seen issues with infections in the news. It scares me. I have already been nipped during a pedicure. The last place I went to used a plastic liner in the bowl and seemed pretty hygenic. I do my own nails but have sadly reached a disconnect between where I can see to paint my toe nails and where I can reach to do so with any precision. Last time I did a DIY, I do all of the prep and DH did the painting. His face was priceless when I explained the acetone and clean up brush but they looked really good and we had a few laughs.
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  4. Honestly and not to scare anyone, but I never go for manicures or pedicures. My friends mother got necrotizing fasciitis (Strep A infection) on her thumb soon after getting a manicure. I saw it myself, this was scary and she was at the hospital on IV antibiotics off/on for days. I am not saying the nail salon directly caused this. Perhaps she had micro cuts in her skin and she picked up the bacterial infection soon after while running errands, cleaning, etc...

    I know at least three people that got a fungal infection after a pedicure.

    Times are changing but be very very careful. I absolutely never go to nail salons and it's mainly because of the hand/soaking baths. I have no doubt a good salon sterilizes their instruments or uses instruments once only on each person. But the soaking baths need to be cleaned properly and I don't trust it. Nowadays good salons will use paper liners and dispense of them with each soak. But I have just heard of too many horror stories, that I do my own manicures and pedicures.
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  5. I read a few short articles online this morning and decided I will stop going to get my nails done. I know I can do a better job at home and all my pedicure items are clean and I disinfect them after each use. One Article said the nail polish brushes usually are not cleaned after a client’s service. I never thought of polish also being able to spread fungus. My sister and I have always brought our own polish but not the base or top coat. The more I read the more I felt you were at risk eventually to pick up something.
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  6. I'm afraid of those whirlpool tubs for feet since seeing the news stories about infections. They say even if the tub is cleaned the germs can be in the drain. I was going to the beauty school for a while. I figured they aren't fast and aren't all that good but they have to follow the rules and they used a tub with a plastic liner. I got tired of that and now do my own.

    Whenever I have gone (except during the time when I had gel nails) I bring my own polish, base and top coat. But I never thought about getting an infection from the polish.

    Sounds like you do an excellent job at home.
  7. I never really thought about it, but you're right. Now that I think about it, they don't change the brushes in the top coat, polish, etc.... I do hope they make changes to that soon.
  8. This makes me sad. No way could I do my own toes without making a mess but once you get that nail fungus, it’s almost impossible to get rid of.
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  9. but if this is really a concern then changing the brushes wouldn't fix it? the prior customer's brush would have been in the product
    I'd just bring my own base and top coat
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  10. I’ve been going to the same nail salon for more than a decade. For their regular clients they keep bags with our names that contain the materials to do our pedicures. While the shellac is used for all customers, in all my years I have never had any type of fungus on my nails or toenails, nor have I known or heard of anyone who did. With that being said, I think this issue is somewhat rare. I don’t think you have anything to worry about so long as you know your salon is careful about cleanliness.
  11. I've been going to the same salon for over a decade, and I've gotten an infection once in my big toe. I think it just happens. I just went to the drugstore and got an OTC remedy along with some hydrogen peroxide to clear it up. My salon does a great job keeping everything clean, and brings out individual bowls for each pedicure. I always bring my own polish, so maybe that's helped with avoiding infections too.
  12. I never go to nail salons either.

    Cutting, pushing back or in any other way manipulating the cuticle makes the nail bed highly vulnerable to infection. And the tools used can transmit infection. Sterilizing tools and bowls requires much more than simply swabbing them with bleach.

    I've had skin staph infections from other sources and they can become nasty and hard to get rid of, not to mention life-threatening. Not taking the risk.
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  13. You should read this article about transmitting bacteria in nail polish by Doug Schoon, a much respected chemist in the nail industry. It is highly unlikely (nothing is impossible) to transmit bacteria or fungus in nail polish. Those pedicure chairs are quite another matter and you should make sure that they wash the tub and run the water through the pipes after each client. That's where the bacteria/fungi can live, in the pipes and jets.
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  14. I’ve heard loads of stories like this. Not nice, is it?
  15. I went to my local beauty salon to get my eyebrows waxed, and the head cushion wasn’t covered, so I removed it. I’m not putting my head on something someone else’s head has been on, what if they have head lice or something else? I know that’s not the same as nail infections, or nail fungus, but it’s at a beauty salon that also does nails. Doesn’t give me great confidence in them, tbh.
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