My friend got a "special invitation" and invtited me along to enjoy the 25%- what to


Which purse should I get?

  1. Bleecker Leather Zip Hobo (large)

  2. Bleecker Small Flap

  3. Bleecker Leather Shopper

  4. Something else?

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  1. I know I am on a ban :ban:but who can resist?
    Since I discovered that some of the Bleeker collection in leather had a Tattersall lining I have been OBSESSED with getting one. :search:

    Which one should I buy? Anyone have one that wants to share their experience?
  2. Personally I am lusting seriously after a Large Bleeker Flap in leather. Undecided as to which color to go with but definitely something in leather with the Tattersall lining :tup:
  3. I would go for the small flap! I love it in Wine!
  4. The small flap is on my wishlist. Like Taralindsey, I love the wine color.
  5. Either flap in the Bleeker Collection is a fine choice. I own the Bleeker Large Duffle in Bottle Green and the Bleeker laced Flap - see my Avatar. Whatever you decide on you cannot go wrong.
  6. Just wanted to close this forum.

    I bought the SHopper in Black and Felicia Duffle in British Tan.

    Thanks for your advice! I tried on all the bags and fell in love with those two. I couldn't decide which to get in which color, but I think I will be happy with my choices.
  7. its really up to you and what you like the best!!! Go with your first instinct!!